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Phantom Circuit #187: Catnip Chum Trio

With the sounds of The Count, Quimper, Harold Budd, Sonornote + Sobrio + Unlogic Thing, A.C. Marias, Astrud Gilberto, Robert Görl, Danielle Dax, Catnip & Claws, Pheelia, Ploof, Fripp & Eno, The John Buzon Trio and Kármán Voh.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #174

Available from 14th February 2017

Artist Track Source
The Count Intro The Count Counts
Quimper Lovely Lightning Retrieval
Harold Budd Flowered Knife Shadows Lovely Thunder
Sonornote + Sobrio + Unlogic Thing Waltz of Flowers Nenormalizm Unity – Progolog Special
A.C. Marias Some Thing Time Was (12″)
Astrud Gilberto Without Him I Haven’t Got Anything Better to Do
Robert Görl Mit Dir (Extended) Night Full of Tension
Danielle Dax Cat-House (Overnight Mix) Cat-House (12″)
Catnip & Claws The Motorist JuJu
Pheelia Catnip 2
Ploof Feline Bubbles Mars Amphitheater
Fripp & Eno Wind on Water Evening Star
The John Buzon Trio Ill Wind Organs in Orbit
Kármán Voh Trine Ill Loam