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Phantom Circuit #336 - Arch Mitotic Pun

Phantom Circuit 336

Music by Cain & Tomchilla, Fifty Foot Hose, Molez, Hocico, Annette Peacock, The Burning Trestle, Distant Fires Burning, Magazine, Æther State, Arpanet, Simon Heartfield, Birdspanker, Andrew Jackman, Ike Yard, Harry Roy & His Bat Club Boys, Adonis Redux and The Strawberry Alarm Clock.

First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on 20th August 2021.

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Artist Track Source Starts
Cain & Tomchilla Santosha Santosha EP 00:00
Fifty Foot Hose The Things That Concern You Cauldron 08:11
Molez Aggály Önvaló - Modor part 2 11:35
Hocico Sexo Bajo Testosterone Autoagresión Persistente 17:01
Annette Peacock Real & Defined Androgens My Mama Never Taught Me How To Cook 22:52
The Burning Trestle The Agenda Set You Can Never Leave 34:02
Distant Fires Burning Book of Hope Inperspectycon Vol.1 36:14
Magazine Parade Real Life 46:41
Æther State Immaterial Immaterial / Half Life / Regress 52:46
Arpanet Quantum State Recombination Quantum Transposition 55:59
Simon Heartfield Qbism Brief Unity of Time 59:01
Birdspanker Tarzanned (From Breeding Season 2) T.I.M. O.S.T. 1:02:54
Andrew Jackman Surrealism Fragrance 1:08:02
Ike Yard Mille Filles EverythingIsChemical Virtual 7 No. 16 - Ike Yard 1:10:20
Harry Roy & His Bat Club Boys Pussy! Pussy! 1:16:12
Adonis Redux Aer (Two Cats and a Magpie) Sirensong 1:19:26
The Strawberry Alarm Clock Unwind with the Clock Incense & Peppermints 1:25:47