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Phantom Circuit #23: Excessive electronics at a variety of speeds

Music by Schaltkreis Wassermann, Bernard Szajner, Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett, Quick Culture, Jeff Cloke, Otto Luening, Shinjuku Thief, Josef Nadek, Throbbing Gristle, Hard Corps, Joel Vandroogenbroeck, Brainticket, Gilles Zeitschiff and Neuronium.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #23

Available from 1st July 2009

Artist Track Source
Schaltkreis Wassermann Psychotron Psychotron
Bernard Szajner Superficially Accelerated Edits Superficial Music
Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett Pacesetter Synthesizer and Percussion
Quick Culture Quick Culture 2 Quick Culture
Jeff Cloke Afternoon Yearbook
Otto Luening Low Speed Ohm: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music
Shinjuku Thief Threats and Violence The Scribbler
Josef Nadek Coercion [MP3]
Throbbing Gristle Something Came Over Me Mission of Dead Souls [bonus track]
Hard Corps Dirty Metal & Flesh
Joel Vandroogenbroeck Random Computer Blossoms
Brainticket Brainticket (Part 2) Cottonwoodhill
Gilles Zeitschiff Right Hand Lover Gilles Zeitschiff
Schaltkreis Wassermann Danger Out of Space Psychotron
Neuronium Fullness Invisible Views