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Phantom Circuit #306: Horizons

Phantom Circuit 306

Music by Bodro, Shinpal, AINM, Les Musiciens du Palais Mangkunagaran, Teufelsdröckh, Krzysztof Zimmermann, Thomas Orgel, Susan Matthews, Can, Nerds With Acid, Aquarium, Van Kaye + Ignit, Sieben, Brioskj, Simon Klee, Cosmic Debris, Bruno Nicolai, Humus, Concierge_Weetr, Hyper Wizard UFO Cult, Invisible Prism, Quimper and Sphinx.

This is the final edition of Phantom Circuit in series 6, which has been running since the start of the year. All editions are still available on Mixcloud. To catch the return of Phantom Circuit in series 7, be sure to follow on Mixcloud and on social media, and of course there is an RSS feed. All are available from the main site,

Available from Thursday, 25 June 2020

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Artist Track Source Starts
Bodro Bad Symphony Bad Symphony 00:00
Shinpal New World Order Symphony for Apocalypse 04:43
AINM The Gongs of Apocalypse Driftwood 10:36
Les Musiciens du Palais Mangkunagaran "Tirtakentjana" Pelog Nem Gongs: Asie du Sud-Est 12:32
Teufelsdröckh Han Väntar i Rummet Intill Nordöstra Malmö 12:32
Krzysztof Zimmermann Waiting for the Answer 2 Few Quiet People Promo Sampler 2011 19:33
Thomas Orgel Leben & Arbeiten Elektronik Sampler 25:00
Susan Matthews Elektronische Meditation Elektronische Meditationen 29:56
Can Mother Sky Soundtracks 36:47
Nerds with Acid Look at the Sky Unbound Underground 51:41
Aquarium Tonight Red Wave: 4 Underground Bands from the USSR 56:34
Van Kaye + Ignit Tonite A Slight Delay 01:01:17
Sieben Ogham Inside the Night Lockdown Sieben Volume 2 01:06:21
Brioskj We All Are in Lockdown When New Feelings Come 01:11:50
Simon Klee Awakened Anew If I Was There... 01:17:09
Cosmic Debris Five Minute Attack While You're Asleep 01:20:31
Bruno Nicolai La Verité Defense de Savoir 01:25:15
Humus Tus Oidos Mienten Tus Oidos Mienten 01:27:09
Concierge_Weetr We Are Made from Soil 80Hz Sacred Surplus 01:33:36
Hyper Wizard UFO Cult Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation High Frequency Altar 01:39:40
Invisible Prism New World Altar New Weird Australia, Solitary Wave (In) 01:46:18
Quimper In Vertical Dejado 01:53:13
Sphinx Horizons Moments 01:56:42