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Phantom Circuit #20: The Silent Coast

Phantom Circuit pops down to Seaford in East Sussex for a stroll along the beach and to visit The Crypt Gallery’s current exhibition, The Sound of the Silent Coast, by Dan Bernard and Gail Baird of 131 Design. Gail tells us all about this audiovisual installation and the rest of the Barriers South exhibition series.

Of course, we also feature a bewildering variety of fantastic music, and this time, the mood is quite sunny, apart from the odd piece of putrefaction. Too much sun can do that.

Music by Steve Hillage, White Noise, Tonto’s Expanding Head Band, Jessica Harper, Stigma, Magma [Germany], Magma [France], Geisterfahrer, Deux Filles, Minny Pops, Linda Perhacs, Kabelton and Sintellect.

Use the player above to listen to the show, or see the help section if it is missing.

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #20

Available from 18th May 2009

Artist Track Source
Steve Hillage Radio Motivation Radio
White Noise Love Without Sound An Electric Storm
Tonto’s Expanding Head Band Jetsex Zero Time
Jessica Harper Old Souls Phantom of the Paradise
Stigma Burning Soul Putrefaction Taste
Magma [Germany] Jessica Magma
Magma [France] Nono Attahk
Geisterfahrer Sand am Meer Schatten Voraus
Deux Filles Sur la Plage Silence & Wisdom
Minny Pops The Sea Poste Restante
Linda Perhacs Sandy Toes Parallelograms
Kabelton Brotbrechung Cercle
Sintellect Ocean Temporal We’re All Damaged