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Phantom Circuit #206: The Big Numbers

Listen at the press of a button for music by Quimper, Trillion Catz, Джан Ку, Dolls Come to Life, Tremor, The Residents, Jmdkm, Janice Nicholls, Wire, Eric Random, Teddy Lasry, Carya Amara, Blasts Atomic!, Entaclishus, Sam Gopal and Hawkwind.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #206

Available from 22nd November 2017

Artist Track Source
Quimper Cut Below the Knee Little Legs for Little Eggs
Trillion Catz Radio Svoboda The Big Numbers
Джан Ку Солнечные Часы Свобода
Dolls Come to Life The Sundial The Groundskeeper’s Daughter
Tremor [Buenos Aires] Reloj de Arena Ave Reina Mora
The Residents Six Things to a Cycle, Part 4 Fingerprince
Jmdkm Three Two One and We Are Off Red Sea
Janice Nicholls I’ll Give It Five I’ll Give It Five (7″)
Wire Numbered Nocturnal Koreans
Eric Random Your Turn to Learn Two Faced
Teddy Lasry In the Heart of the Earth Two Faces
Carya Amara Croydon Transmitting Station From Ground to Sky
Blasts Atomic! Body! London Metal/Body!- Plus
Entaclishus Vox Sam Plus Ultra
Sam Gopal It’s Only Love Escalator
Hawkwind Down through the Night Doremi Fasol Latido