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Phantom Circuit #301: Can't Stop It

Phantom Circuit 301

Music by Adrian Wagner, Correlations, The Leaf Library + The Scattered Orchestra, Repeated Viewing, Crispy Ambulance, Fiction, Barry Gray Orchestra, an uncredited artist, Fentom, Toni Shift, Bloom de Wilde, Magical Ring, another uncredited artist, Raven Musen and Siqment.Hidden.

Available from Monday, 18 May 2020.

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Artist Track Source Starts
Adrian Wagner Sacrifice The Last Inca 00:00
Correlations Correlations_Mayan Gods_Side2 [excerpt] Mayan Gods 04:36
The Leaf Library + The Scattered Orchestra There's That Sound Again Quiet House 10:54
Repeated Viewing Looking for Help Beach House 14:01
Crispy Ambulance United Accessory After the Fact 17:46
Fiction Zprávy Než Je Dnes Člověku 50 - Poslední Dekáda
Barry Gray Orchestra Captain Scarlet Cult Fiction Royale 26:21
[Uncredited artist] Mysterion Industry; Tension 28:09
Fentom Tension Unbound Underground 31:51
Toni Shift I've Never Been There Unbound Underground 36:51
Bloom de Wilde Do & Be The Heart Shall Be Rewarded by the Universe 41:33
Magical Ring Spatial Feeling Light Flight - More and More 46:14
[Uncredited artist] Incidental music from 'Ace of Wands: Peacock Pie' Ace of Wands: Peacock Pie 49:59
Raven Musen Bubbling Brook Secrets of Snow Diving 50:45
Siqment.Hidden 0016rs-Nme (Feat.Silént Phil) Made in Heaven 56:25