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Phantom Circuit #227: Seasoned

Autumnal sounds by Vulgar Débil, Warrego Valles, Mathieu Lamontagne and Emmanuel Toledo, Carya Amara, Harold Budd, Milan Pilar, Repeated Viewing, The Unseen, The Unrecorded, Paul Nagle, Elizabeth Joan Kelly, Elizabeth Joan Kelly x Xqui, Cowboy Flying Saucer, OurCarbone, Nonima, Alessandro Bonino and Lone Cosmonaut.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #227

First broadcast on Resonance Extra on 9th October 2018

Artist Track Source
Vulgar Débil Caracterizado por Ente ou ser
Warrego Valles Stop That Noise Botox
Mathieu Lamontagne and Emmanuel Toledo Rides Au Calme
Carya Amara Aged Europe Vague Wars
Harold Budd Child in a Sylvan Field By the Dawn’s Early Light
Milan Pilar October Pastoral Seasons
Repeated Viewing Farmyard Death Dangerous Obsession (Redux)
The Unseen Seance in the Farmhouse The Goatman (Soundtrack)
The Unrecorded Des Clous Parks
Paul Nagle Wheels of Fortune The Soft Room 1980–85
Elizabeth Joan Kelly Mysterious Grooving Gymnopedie Music for the DMV
Elizabeth Joan Kelly x Xqui Starchild Starchild
Cowboy Flying Saucer Heavily Sedated NOW! Heavily Sedated NOW! / Sons and Daughters of Disaster
OurCarbone Introduction to the Idea of Flight Ambient, Vol 2
OurCarbone ++ Ambient, Vol 2
Nonima Incremental Switch Morphism
Alessandro Bonino Alone with the Machine Switched On Rack Vol. 1
Lone Cosmonaut Exit In Absentia

Correction: ‘A Seance in the Farmhouse’ is credited in the show to “The Goatman”. That’s actually the name of the album; the artist is The Unseen, as show in the above listing.