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Phantom Circuit #159: Crystal Gardens

Mortal, Schlafengarten, Weldroid, Ateleia, Sound Sculpture Project, SiJ (with Particula), Silver Apples, Steve Austin, Easychord, Ted Atking & Alan Feanch, Magma, Hekate and Pyrolator.

Use the player above to listen. If it’s missing or you can’t hear anything, see the help section.

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #159

Available from 12th July 2015

Artist Track Source
Mortal Alive and Awake Fathom
Schlafengarten And When U Sleep Spring Cleaning!!
Weldroid The Silicate Garden Silicate Garden
Ateleia Salt Horse Sculpture Formal Sleep
Sound Sculpture Project Water Crystals Exhala
SiJ (with Particula) Crystal Volume Oscillations
Silver Apples Oscillations Silver Apples
Steve Austin Music From The Withered Orange Tree – Part II Music From The Withered Orange Tree
Easychord An Inkling of Hurricane Not In My Family Tree
Ted Atking & Alan Feanch Ouragan Sur L’Etna World Explorers
Magma Zü Zaïn! Šlağ Tanƶ
Magma Šlağ Tanƶ Šlağ Tanƶ
Magma Ẁohldünt Šlağ Tanƶ
Hekate Traumzeit Tempeltänze
Pyrolator Abschied von einer schönen Zeit Wunderland

The image above is from a photograph of loperamide crystals by Annie Cavanagh of Wellcome Images.