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Phantom Circuit #354 - Featuring a session by Heavy Cloud

Phantom Circuit 354

This edition features a session by Heavy Cloud, drawing upon field recordings of natural environments in Cornwall. There are also records by Heavy Cloud, Michael J Smith/Jonas Hellborg/Michael Shrieve, Steve Lynch, Charles Dodge, SaneLIV, Azotic Compounds Laboratory, Sinneslochen Inc, Polyklinik & Audio Compress, Ryan Huber, X‐Ray Spex, Nitzer Ebb, Mario Molino, Tangerine Dream, Brainquake + Sven Phalanx, Vesperys and Wishcollapse.

First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on Thursday, 10 March, 2022.

Find more music by Heavy Cloud on Bandcamp.

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Artist Track Source Starts
Heavy Cloud A New Low at High Tide Season Shift 00:00
Michael J Smith/Jonas Hellborg/Michael Shrieve So Let It Spring All Our Steps... 07:47
Steve Lynch Ding Dong Let Us Prey - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 10:45
Charles Dodge The Days Are Ahead Any Resemblance is Purely Coincidental 12:42
SaneLIV Second Species II I See More Stars - Improvised and Algorithmic Music 15:12
SaneLIV Second Species IV I See More Stars - Improvised and Algorithmic Music 16:10
Azotic Compounds Laboratory Eclipse Eclipse 18:15
Sinneslochen Inc The Compound P O L Y B I U S 21:34
Sinneslochen Inc BIT_4 P O L Y B I U S 23:41
Polyklinik & Audio Compress Cloud Collector Balance 24:40
Heavy Cloud Session for Phantom Circuit Session for Phantom Circuit 32:05
Ryan Huber Leaden Ties Duopoly 51:30
X‐Ray Spex Oh Bondage Up Yours! Oh Bondage Up Yours! 53:17
Nitzer Ebb Down on Your Knees Industrial Complex 56:03
Mario Molino Centro Elletronico Industriale - Ecologico 59:43
Tangerine Dream Center of Now Josephine the Mouse Singer 1:02:59
Brainquake + Sven Phalanx Vocce (Perdition) From the Oblivion Lounge 1:10:25
Vesperys Sacrifice Rituals of Returns - Ch. 1 1:16:22
Wishcollapse Cosi Come Deve Andare Volume 2 1:25:02