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Phantom Circuit #316 - Un Pont de Musique

Phantom Circuit 316

Music by Point, Maria de Rossi, M / Robin Scott, Sophia Says, Cabaret Voltaire, Adonis Redux, Covolux, Art Zoyd, Strange Mutations, Secret Nuclear, Crisp Packet Jackets, Rephazer, Aleckat & Hynamo, Sun-Inside, Macerator and Michel Redolfi.

First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on Wednesday, 13 January 2021.

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Artist Track Source Starts
Point Six Human Music II 00:00
Maria de Rossi Un Pont de Musique Un Pont de Musique (7") 04:40
M / Robin Scott The Bridge Famous Last Words 08:44
Sophia Says Living in Distortion Mute Word 14:08
Cabaret Voltaire Eddie's Out The Living Legends… 20:45
Adonis Redux The Dreamer Adonis Redux 30:53
Covolux Tree Dream Mediations 37:07
Art Zoyd Le Coeur Médiateur - The Mediatory Heart Metropolis 41:04
Strange Mutations 009 A Farewell to Weapons 46:29
Secret Nuclear TX 8 TX Vol.2 50:01
Crisp Packet Jackets Data Mushroom Cloud Fly Tipping Point 54:55
Rephazer Cloudy Cloudy Player 430 1:02:38
Aleckat & Hynamo Not Phased Apollo EP 1:05:03
Sun-Inside Abstraction Lllegal Mutation 1:13:59
Macerator Thought Crime The Shed Collective Vol.3 1:17:10
Michel Redolfi Immersion - Surface Pacific Tubular Waves / Immersion 1:22:56