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Phantom Circuit #343 - The Speed of Sound

Phantom Circuit 343

Music by Bradbury, Alan Hawkshaw, Abdicant, Brainquake, Amon Düül II, Ike Ear, Room101, Frame, The Hardliner, Catapilla, Forest Robots, Information Ghetto, NB, Viktor Van River, эSTeR, Barbara Morgenstern, Fripp & Eno, Klaus Weiss and Polyhymns.

First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on Friday, 8 October 2021.

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Artist Track Source Starts
Bradbury The Amphetamine Song Panspermia Plus 00:00
Alan Hawkshaw The Speed of Sound Terrestrial Journey 03:57
Abdicant Untold Riches Requiem for a Neural Network 06:28
Brainquake The Number 12 Excess Denied 09:42
Amon Düül II Excessive Spray Made in Germany 16:28
Ike Ear Airstrip One Fabriqué au Japon EP 17:57
Room101 (feat. Mao) We All Are Made in China Frame 23:25
Frame Beyond the Galaxy of Lights New Horizons 28:08
The Hardliner Feline Population Further Beyond Serendipity 35:01
Catapilla Reflections Changes 39:19
Forest Robots A Latitude Often Changes Character But Not Position Horst & Graben 51:45
Information Ghetto Mystic Chords Magnetic Position 55:10
NB White Transition Oppositional Reflections 59:48
Viktor Van River Reflection Reflection 1:04:52
эSTeR Whisper (Lost River) Hyperextension 1:07:01
Barbara Morgenstern Angel's Whisper (Petridisch Remix) A Lifetime of Temporary Prints 1:12:34
Barbara Morgenstern Die Liebe A Lifetime of Temporary Prints 1:14:56
Fripp & Eno Wind on Wind Evening Star 1:18:14
Klaus Weiss Hymn to A Peaceful Island Into the Wind 1:21:09
Polyhymns Let Them Be Animals Let Them Be Animals EP 1:25:50

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