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Phantom Circuit #157: Effects of Colour

Music by Xuan Rong, Yello, Orrorin Daydream, A Year in the Country, Collapse, Peter DiPhillips, Invector, Iner, Rasp, Jet, White Noise and Ghost Cinema.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #157

Available from 13th June 2015

Artist Track Source
Xuan Rong Back and Forth Myria
Yello Reverse Lion Solid Pleasure
Orrorin Daydream Waking Nightmare Like a Lioness
A Year in the Country An Idyll In Every Mind
Collapse An Ever Fading Memory, a Never Fading Memory Elegy #2
Peter DiPhillips Hunting Orange Men The Great Famine
Invector Effects Of Color Green
Iner Red Radiance Red Radiance EP
Rasp Lost In Red Light Radiate Power Words
Jet We Love Noise More Light Than Shade
White Noise The Black Mass: An Electric Storm In Hell An Electric Storm
Ghost Cinema Goodnight Ghost Cinema