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Phantom Circuit #332 - with a session by Grey Frequency

Phantom Circuit 332

Featuring a session by Grey Frequency, plus music by These Liminal Days, David Colohan, Claude Larson, Viktor van River, Candy Sylver, Niteffect, Polypores, Chuck W. x Gustavo Prado, Tewl, John Foxx and the Maths, Thomas Leer & Robert Rental, X-Ray Delta One, Portion Control, Datewithdeath and Trajedesaliva.

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First broadcast by Beachy Head Radio on Wednesday, 7 July 2021.

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Artist Track Source Starts
These Liminal Days Space 1.3 Empty Spaces 1 00:00
David Colohan Murrumbidgee Morning Darlington Point 06:53
Claude Larson Murrumbidgee River Rivers 09:31
Viktor van River Leave Me Weapon of Mass Distraction 16:59
Candy Sylver Cry Me a River How is Love (7") 20:43
Niteffect Once We Were Happy VA - RE_FORMS 24:04
Polypores Calm, but There’s Insects You Can Never Leave 28:54
Chuck W. x Gustavo Prado Dead Flowers Anxiety Rock 31:10
Tewl Crescent Shaped Leaves Saciar 35:44
John Foxx and the Maths Watching a Building on Fire (Grayed Out Mix) The Shape of Things 41:32
Grey Frequency What We Become Session for Phantom Circuit 48:34
Grey Frequency Cosmos Session for Phantom Circuit 54:20
Grey Frequency Unfolding Eternity Session for Phantom Circuit 1:00:18
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental Monochrome Day's The Bridge 1:07:06
X-Ray Delta One Bathory Always Night 1:11:01
Portion Control Suck and Blow Shot in the Belly 1:15:36
Datewithdeath Guts Out (Derek Piotr's Pickled Green Tomatoes) Slow Talker Remixes 1:18:43
Trajedesaliva Ultratumba Ultratumba 1:23:34