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Phantom Circuit #162: Strange Harmonies

Music by Thomas Leer & Robert Rental, nisei23, Knolios, Automatic Tasty, Weyes Bluhd, Unsheep, Heroin in Tahiti, Beaver & Krause, Carya Amara, Jean C. Roché & Bill H. Gunn, Wally Badarou, Xtrngr and Verian Thomas.

Use the player above to listen. If it’s missing or you can’t hear anything, see the help section.

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #162

Available from 26th August 2015

Artist Track Source
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental The Hard Way In & the Easy Way Out The Bridge
nisei23 Prologue (Horizontal Afternoon) Soft Shapes
Knolios Vertical Сandy
Automatic Tasty Remote Access (Vertical67 Trojan Mix) World Wide Web
Weyes Bluhd Remote Beach at Avernus Strange Chalices of Seeing
Unsheep The Surf Carried Strange Harmonies Vexing Hyperion
Heroin in Tahiti Heroin in Tahiti Death Surf
Beaver & Krause Fountains of the Dept of Water & Power Ragnarök
Carya Amara Fenrir Sensitivity
Jean C. Roché & Bill H. Gunn A Small Pack in a Mixed Forest Les Loups en Liberté / Wailing Wolves
Wally Badarou Wolves in the Urals Words of a Mountain
Xtrngr Bell Mountain RCPLTR II
Verian Thomas The Bars in the Side of the Hill Miniatures