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Phantom Circuit #199: Iconic Trump Hat

Listen to this edition of Phantom Circuit at the press of a button for music by Cindy Kat, Kid Schurke & Brain Hall, Kraftwerk, Richiro Manabe, Power-Pack, Petridisch, Observation Point, Norah Lorway, Stellardrone, Church Universal and Triumphant, Inc. featuring Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Astoria Sound, Geolm and Wojciech Golczewski.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #199

First broadcast on Resonance Extra and Resonance FM on 15th August 2017

Artist Track Source
Cindy Kat Space Brain Vol 1
Kid Schurke & Brain Hall Schneider am Apparat Haen Zikum Ulus
Kraftwerk Megaherz Kraftwerk
Richiro Manabe Godzilla’s Strong Punch Godzilla vs Megalon
Power-Pack Blue Galaxis Future Projects
Petridisch In the Red A Fixed Point
Observation Point Zen Pier Of Pulses and Drones
Norah Lorway Falme til Luft Drone Bølge III
Stellardrone Eternity Light Years
Church Universal and Triumphant, Inc.
featuring Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Call for Protection The Sounds of American Doomsday Cults
Astoria Sound 34°32’42″N (The Calm) Latitudes
Geolm Picking up Signals One Hundred Sights
Wojciech Golczewski It’s Time to Leave 400_DAYS