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Phantom Circuit #255: With a session by Toxic Chicken

Toxic Chicken lays down some tracks in an eggsclusive session recorded for Bantam I mean Phantom Circuit and there is also music by Field Lines Cartographer, Jenny Tseng (甄妮), Whettman Chelmets, Opal東京, Leaving Richmond, Tom Ellard, Laurie Anderson and Rancid Poultry. Don’t be chicken; give it a listen!

The photomontage is by Toxic Chicken.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #255

First broadcast on Resonance Extra on Thursday, 30 May 2019

Artist Track Source Starts
Field Lines Cartographer Modal Realism The Blow Volume 6 00:00
Jenny Tseng (甄妮) 真真的愛 真真的愛 09:19
Whettman Chelmets Recall (Outro)/The Swimming Hole Doesn’t Remember… 12:06
Opal東京 Midnight Swim 2223 Future Unknown 15:55
Leaving Richmond Temporality Great Distances 19:07
Tom Ellard Leave White Behind Publicist 23:00
Laurie Anderson Poison Bright Red 26:45
Toxic Chicken Exclusive Set for Phantom Circuit Session for Phantom Circuit 30:59
Rancid Poultry Dissemination Controlled Exposure 51:07