Apr 052016

Lacus Veris

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #175

First broadcast 5th April 2016

Artist Track Source
John Callaghan Visco-Static Won’t Lovers Revolt Now
Masochistic\Values Anatomy of Love The Moon
Rudy Adrian Watery Moon Twilight – Atmospheric Works Vol. 2
Embers Below Zero Spring Dusk EP III
That Black And the Spring Comes TimeLessNess
a:urban First Day of Spring (Radio Edit) episode:one
Rune Martinsen Night at Golgotha Easter Album
The KVB Hide & Wait Into The Night
Sieben We Wait 2016 Briton EP
Il Reale Impero Britannico R.I.B. Perché Si Uccidono
Human League Empire State Human Reproduction
Bunai Carus Temple THREESTATES
Nubiferous Sacrarium Temple of the Sun
Sunhiilow Revelation of Nammu Garden & Cosmos
Clothearz Caninus Aqua Plipsqueak
ItsAllOneSong Mud Dogs MudDogs
Ten Thirty And Her Dogs (nocturne) Le Rêve d’Endymion
Reinhard Lakomy Sodom Der Traum von Asgard
Asgard 2 Grabesstille – b) Kadaver des Vergessens Tod
Melodie des Vergessens Blurred Touches The Persecution of Escapism
Djur Djura Tarewla (The Escape) Voice of Silence
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Mar 022016

‘Phantom Broadcast’

The first of a new series of Phantom Circuit, now on radio station Resonance Extra.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #174

First broadcast 2nd March 2016

Artist Track Source
I’m So Hollow Entrance Beats Working For A Living – A Tribute to Martin Lilleker
Lustmord Exit Rising
Wolfgrowl Push and Pull Exitus / Reditum
Poison Chang Press the Trigger (Half Breed Remix) Rumble in the Jungle Volume 2
Snakefinger Picnic in the Jungle Chewing Hides the Sound
Perry Leopold Serpentine Lane Christian Lucifer
Deer God It is Better to Break than Bend Put the Fun in Funeral
Gary Numan My Breathing Strange Charm
April Larson The Breathing Tunnel The Breathing Tunnel
Dan Joseph Breathing The Woolly Mammoth Tapes
The Tapes Ritual Allegato Sonoro – Amen This is Religgion N° 6
Phantom Head Trip Blossom Ritual
Phantom Band Nervous Breakdown Nowhere
Vozrozhdeniya Broadcast from Somewhere Broadcast from Somewhere
Drexon Field Rainbow Not So Bright Secret Station – Broadcast 3
Paolino Canzoneri Poi però non piove Comet in London
Infinite Third A Sun Weeping A Sun Weeping
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Feb 032016

Roberts radioPhantom Circuit is soon to have a regular slot in the schedules of Resonance Extra, the exciting new radio station based in Brighton, UK. It’s a new project from the people who brought you London’s long-established Resonance FM.

The first new show will go out on Tuesday, 1st March at 8 pm, and you will be able to hear it on DAB radio in Brighton & Hove, as well as being streamed over the Internet for listeners worldwide.

The listen-on-demand service will continue as before from phantomcircuit.com and Mixcloud.

Also, Resonance Extra will be repeating Phantom Circuit #172: ‘Caustic Spells’ tonight (Wednesday 3rd February) at 8 pm.

Update (1st March 2016): the new series will now start tomorrow, Wednesday 2nd March at 8 pm (20:00 GMT). The slot tonight at that time will be an airing of show #173.

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Jan 242016

Goody, No Pop

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #173

Available from 24th January 2016

Artist Track Source
Laica Tppr [excerpt] Tppr
Bebhionn Laboratory Acoustic Reflex Sensitive Sound
Carya Amara Datapaket Sensitivity
Data Snow Circle Decyphering
Nine Circles What’s There Left Nine Circles
Dissolved Faint Chamber Nine Faint Chamber
Ivan Black The Mysteries of Horizon The Listening Room
Bukka White Good Gin Blues Parchman Farm
Karen Dalton It’s Alright Cotton Eyed Joe
DR OK Braunschweig EP
Deutsch Nepal The Hierophants of Light Deflagration of Hell
Drag Racing Underground Hellfire Hedonist Chariot
The Electric Prunes Long Day’s Flight Underground
Tim Story Map of the Warm Night Shadowplay
Poppy Nogood Shadow Collected Works
Terry Riley Poppy Nogood & The Phantom Band A Rainbow in Curved Air
Minny Pops Ice Cube Wall Secret Stories
Popsong’s Factory D’Ameja My Pops / D’Ameja (7″)
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Jan 112016

Caustic Spells. A two-hour edition.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #172

Available from 11th January 2016

Artist Track Source
Jim Lace / Alex Nova New Spell Twists
Dave Vorhaus Lemmings Sound Conjurer
Martin Rev Mari Martin Rev
Soeur Marie Keyrouz Inna-l-Malak Chants Sacrés Melchites
P’o Holy Joe Whilst Climbing Thieves Vie for Attention
Snakefinger Climbing the Ladder Philip Charles Lithman AKA Snakefinger 1949 – 1987
The Residents Walter Westinghouse Fingerprince
Jacques Lejeune Final à la Cour du Prince Fantasmes – ou L’Histoire de Blanche-Neige
April Larson The Forest Is My Father – And the Fells My Home (Beleg Cúthalion) Only Phantoms and Delusions
Lunar Testing Lab Forest Cathedral Into the Dark Distance
Another Neglected Hobby Darkness Calls Remainders
Weldroid & Illl Dark Winter Silicate Garden
Dissolved Inked Gardens The Intangible Lustre
Mar-Vista The Black Sun Shines Today Visions of Sodal Ye
Mahavishnu Orchestra Opus 1 Visions of the Emerald Beyond
Mahavishnu Orchestra On the Way Home to Earth Visions of the Emerald Beyond
Gjöll Unity with the Earthworms Sum of Transformations
Ralph Lundsten Wormy Apple Strangers in Paradise
Gelier Jonathan Agujero Negro Las Almas Inertes
Spiritus N. Vent d’Allure Age
Bedroom Bear Bobby the Akkureiri Lake Monster Woodwind Songs
M. Ostermeier Lost Weekend Lakefront
Asthmatic Harp Farewell Farewell Lost Astronaut
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