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Site Largely Rebuilt

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Last month (in June), work began on an incremental rebuild of as a static Web site (no php is now used, it is just HTML, CSS, images and a little Javascript). Provision of the essential features has now been completed.

The return to providing a static Web site was prompted by repeated infection of the database used by the previous wordpress version of site by stupidly unconvincing but annoyingly persistent spam popups. It became clear from searching forums that other sites with factors in common suffered similarly, and that security plugins had been of no use. Without full knowledge, it would be unproductive to share speculation about where the source of these insecurites underlying the sites lay. So, moving on from that: the new static version of the site is secure, easy to restore in the case of any server problems and much faster.

A blog (with RSS feed) has now been implemented as a fully integrated part of the site. The only outstanding task now is to complete the full details of older shows listed in the Listen Now section. This is a low-priority job and will probably take many months to complete but in the meantime, most shows can still be heard on Mixcloud.

As always, if you would like an email whenever a new edition of the show appears on Mixcloud, please follow “phantomcircuit” on Mixcloud.

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