Phantom Circuit Series 5

Series 5 is the current series of Phantom Circuit. It started in March 2016. The list below has links to the playlists for all editions along with audio streaming.

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Phantom Circuit #254: Half-Light - Music by Eastern Fear Ritual, Panopticon, Elemental Noise, Chubby Wolf, Xqui, Azalia Snail, Neon, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Grimes, Sébastien Wright, Off Land and Jean-Michel Jarre.
Phantom Circuit #253: Ghost Particles - Music by Bad Comfort, Filmy Ghost, Visonia, Dissolved, Polypores, Rogue Spore, Luke Lund, Superlauncher, NFL X, NNYZ?, The Sound, Onuma Singsiri and Experiment#508.
Phantom Circuit #252: Lichtung - Music by Gelier Jonathan, Carl Matthews, Cyanbaal, Escaped Trees, Adam Balusik, Jay-Dea Lopez, Vangelis, Eastern Fear Ritual, Meteora, Lluvia Ácida, 82-75 and Spaceship. Image credit: detail of a photograph by Tobias Aeppli
Phantom Circuit #251: Evidently Chicken Time - Music by キラヨシ, Machinefabriek, Kid Mania, John Novak, Neil Scrivin, SiJ, Field Lines Cartographer, Dubstar, Flamengo, Toxic Chicken and Kinsâme.
Phantom Circuit #250: Sweet FA - Music by Jean-Claude Risset, Jay-Dea Lopez, Harold Budd/Ruben Garcia/Daniel Lentz, Chelidon Frame, Fabrik, Cisfinitum, Rephazer, Marcy, Peter Ivers, The Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor, Beau, Kirill Mazhai, Remetemen and Anjelika Akbar.
Phantom Circuit #249: In a Wonderland They Lie - Music by Willie Wonder, Pyrolator, Henrique Martins Duarte, Go Ask Alice, Laibach, The Rockin’ Ramrods, Lewis Francis, DR, Severed Heads, Transient, Psychics, Piero Umiliani, McDonald & Sherby, Folded Grid and Cloud Diameter.
Phantom Circuit #248: Heirloom - Music by Kleine, Laurie Anderson, Tos-Khol, Natural Life Essence, Raymond Clarke, Wendy Carlos, Manb, Lone Cosmonaut, Wizards Tell Lies, Neil Scrivin, Patrick Bates, Dane Jacobs and David Bowie.
Phantom Circuit #247: Around the Clock - Listen at the press of a button for music by Baradit, The Hardy Tree, Chelidon Frame, Tess Conway, Fellirium, Leegajus, Giampiero Boneschi, Circus of Mind, Pancy Lau, EUS/Postdrome/Saåad, Abdulla Rashim, Giovanni Tommaso, Dissolved and Repeated Viewing.
Phantom Circuit #246: Head Span - Music by Filmy Ghost, Entaclishus, DsorDNE, Logical Disorder, C. Reider, Patrick Bates, Tristan Welch, SofÍa Bertomeu Hojberg, You’re Alive But You Are Dead, Sea of Åland, Vėjopatis, Auditive Escape, Moschops and Severed Heads.
Phantom Circuit #245: Chaotic Tin Rump - Music by Accasari, Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg, Public Image Ltd, Ben Fleury-Steiner, Astralingua, Doctor Ellis, Sad Man, Renaldo & the Loaf, Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin, Lata Ramasar and Talk
Phantom Circuit #244: Arid Outpost - Music by Wizards Tell Lies, Ben Lukas Boysen, The Mockers, Cabaret Voltaire, DMLLL, Tale Twist, Shylock, Fever Knife, Thuoom, Natural Life Essence and HAWN.
Phantom Circuit #243: Alarm - Music by Blaxleep, Gimu, Ike Yard, Beautify Junkyards, V.K and Sci-Fi, Sleep Data, Grouper, Grey Frequency, Sinoath, Mathieu Lamontagne & Emmanuel Toledo and Jumble Hole Clough
Phantom Circuit #242: Crush - Music by Front 242, Kane Ikin, Magma, Braindamage, R.E.K., Dubstar, Charmant Juliette and Darksider, Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin, Analogrunner, Tomita, Steve Hillage, You’re Alive But You Are Dead, Moloko and White Russia.
Phantom Circuit #241: Plenty - Music by HAWN, David Cross, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Karl Richter / Münchener Bach-Chor / Münchener Bach-Orchester, Portal, Jumble Hole Clough, Strange Lights, Grey Frequency, Astralingua, Eeem (Eim), Hypp Fractal, Wizards Tell Lies, Geckko and Repeated Viewing.
Phantom Circuit #240: With a session by Godmouth + Dim Red Glo - A collaborative session by Godmouth + Dim Red Glo plus music by Vejopatis, Anton Szandor LaVey, Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg, kAzooo, Quimper, EMBA Soundsystem, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Alio Die, Les Paul and Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin.
Phantom Circuit #239: With a session by Elizabeth Joan Kelly - Set off with Phantom Circuit for ‘Departure 2019’, a wide-ranging musical excursion created for the show by Elizabeth Joan Kelly in session, plus music by John Baker, Meat Beat Manifesto, John Foxx, Daniel John Williams, Die Tanzdiele, Crystal Jaqueline, Aphex Twin, Hardy Fox, The Residents and Suburban Lawns.
Phantom Circuit #238: With a session by Whettman Chelmets - Frenetic lullabies in a session by Whettman Chelmets plus music by AEM, Airboy Express, Rovi, The Protecious, Taxxess, Forseti, RW Able, Eko Fisk, Static Movement, Boards of Canada & Die Doraus und die Marinas.
Phantom Circuit #237: With a session by Daniel J. Williams - Hypnotic electroacoustic collage in a session by Daniel J. Williams plus music by Jeff Morris, Basic Elements, Norah Lorway, Quimper, Renamenax, Concretism, Sea of Åland and Bleupulp.
Phantom Circuit #236: Spirit Answerphone - Music by Charles Bobuck, Taxxess, Gurdonark, Mattin, Headband, Ginny Arnell, Severed Heads, Red Plane, Carya Amara, Alan Feanch, Vi Res, Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, Masover and Mikra.
Phantom Circuit #235: Resolution - Music by Palsekam, Daniel John Williams, Net, 4T Thieves, Isobel Ccircle~, Abstract Thought, Broken Thoughts, Seatman and Powell, Carl Matthews, Dublock, Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra, Systematics and Jean-Luc Ponty.
Phantom Circuit #234: Rough Beasts - Music by Quimper, Sébastien Wright, Graeme Miller & Steve Shill, Noise Unit, The Ghost Between the Strings, Eyeball, Michael Perilstein, Tuxedomoon, Agitation Φ | Sana Ziist Janjua | Myrh | Astarte 23, Söll, Coil, Gallery Six & Oblivia and Volksmund.
Phantom Circuit #233: Voices in the Dark - Music by Niets, Kabukimono, Circus, a.d.du.nord, May and December, Jodie Lowther, Farlanders, Tony Blackburn, Pete Shelley, Gaetano Fontanazza and Steve Jansen & Richard Barbieri.
Phantom Circuit #232: No Other Green World - Music by Isobel Ccircle~, Karl Richter / Münchener Bach-Chor / Münchener Bach-Orchester, Casa Loma Orchestra, Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin, Claude Larson, Crimson Butterfly, Neurokinetix_MIK, LIMBC, Brian Eno, Tony Diana & Lambmother, Bley-Peacock Synthesizer Show and Norah Lorway.
Phantom Circuit #231: An Udder Green World - Music by Marilyn Roxie, Sevenism, Fellirium, Red Plane, Natural Life Essence, Jodie Lowther, Lezet, Bisamråtta, Heaven Deconstruction/The Young Gods, Carl Matthews, Queen Adreena, Wet Taxis and Doctor Ellis.
Phantom Circuit #230: According to His Circuits - Phantom Circuit starts its new weekly slot on Thursday evenings on Resonance Extra with music by Brian Eno, E.g Oblique Graph, Adam Mańkowski, Roy Ayers Ubiquity, Elvii Marten, Webcore, PFS, saneLIV, Seatman and Powell with Belbury Poly, These Trails, Grouper, Gerhard Narholz, Radionics Radio, Daniel John Williams, Noisense and Alquimia.
Phantom Circuit #229: Rosebud - Music from Doctor Ellis, Carl Matthews, D Rothon, 4T Thieves, Hypp Fractal, Lucifer (Mort Garson), Ruth White, Hardy Fox, Françoise Hardy, Beautytone, Hollis “Fat Head” Washington, Sad Man and Monty Python.
Phantom Circuit #228: Halloween 2018 - Haunting music and terrifying timbres from Clothearz, Allogenic, Quimper, 1982, Colin Stetson, Soul Transition, Jumble Hole Clough, Electric Frankenstein, Ruth White and Anda Volley.
Phantom Circuit #227: Seasoned - Autumnal sounds by Vulgar Débil, Warrego Valles, Mathieu Lamontagne and Emmanuel Toledo, Carya Amara, Harold Budd, Milan Pilar, Repeated Viewing, The Unseen, The Unrecorded, Paul Nagle, Elizabeth Joan Kelly, Elizabeth Joan Kelly x Xqui, Cowboy Flying Saucer, OurCarbone, Nonima, Alessandro Bonino and Lone Cosmonaut.
Phantom Circuit 226: Tense Birthday - Phantom Circuit is celebrating its 10th birthday so please join us for music by National Sound, Brian Hodgson, Don Harper, Peter Howell and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Jodie Lowther & A.R.C Soundtracks, M4T, The Last Little Bit, Flying Species, Georges Rodi, Noisense, John Callaghan, Kraftwerk, Laibach, Richard Grassby-Lewis & The Insects, The Hunted Hare, The… Read More »
Phantom Circuit #225: Synthesis - Listen at the press of a button for music by Anglezarke, Vulgar Débil, Kirsten Bråten Berg/Ale Moller, Rainbow Serpent, Sandra, Turvia, Whettman Chelmets, Solanaceae Tau, Alzar – DrOwL, Elizabeth Joan Kelly, Chris & Cosey, Closeyoureyes, Bocksholm and Astrovia.
Phantom Circuit #224: Flashbacks - Music by Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin, Dick Mills / BBC Radiophonic Workshop, The Unrecorded, Kepier Widow, Gilman Mom, Glitchfield Plaines, Evgthug1, Judy Collins, Death Kneel, Nostalgie Éternelle, DR, Helen Kane, Rita Braga and the Pete Jolly Trio & Friends.
Phantom Circuit #223: The Mystery of the Fifteen Sounds - “Isn’t it nice? We’re number one and so forth. Isn’t it sweet being unique?”. Music by Jane & Barton, Whettman Chelmets, Dub Bred, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, The Velvet Underground, Hypp Fractal, Non Dolet, Annette Hanshaw, Delta 5, Grouper, Mrscientificterms & Bicho Raro, Norah Lorway, Tambay, Azalia Snail and Simon Heartfield.
Phantom Circuit #222: Progress - Listen at the press of a button for music by Tom Ellard, Dave Sarkys, David Bowie, Sieben, You’re Alive but You Are Dead, †ḧΞ ШЇⱬ▲Яᶑ, The Young Gods, Jim & Tammy and their Friends, Suburban Lawns, Saloon, MacroNoise, Carl Matthews, Plinth, Time_Controlled_Organism and .mp3Neptune.
Phantom Circuit #221: Water (What It is Good For) - Get down with the sounds of Rondo Hatton, Whettman Chelmets, Daphne Oram & Desmond Briscoe / BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Jodie Lowther, Tambay, Ray Davies and the Button Down Brass, Laibach, Tomita, Sevenism, Sounds of Belovodye, Gilman Mom, P.D. Wilder and Norah Lorway.
Phantom Circuit #220: Creatures - All aboard for music by Dub Not Pop, Owlbinos of Northfield, Vangelis, Sieben, R. Crumb and his Cheap Suit Serenaders, The Hunted Hare, Steve Roach, Pornosect, L’Effet c’est Moi, Fong Fei Fei and You’re Alive but You Are Dead.
Phantom Circuit #219: Everybody’s Night - It’s everybody’s night for music by Filmy Ghost, Jodie Lowther, The Outcast, Brioskj, Deux, Bojoura, Interbella, Deef, Drehton, Bleak Fiction, Frau Holle, Glenn Branca, Cisfinitum / Miguel Ruiz / Alexei Borisov, Ultramerda II and Horst Fischer. Is it not?
Phantom Circuit #218: Optic Charm Unit - See your way to being charmed by the music of Aileen Stanley, Tom Ellard, Sparks, Neu!, Salaryman, Empty Helix, Giant Gutter from Outer Space, Morocco Dave, C. Reider / Eyelight, Simon Heartfield, Dissolved & Nonima and Sevenism.
Phantom Circuit #217: Hi, Trim Occupant - Who’s that at the door? It’s Phantom Circuit, offering you music by K.Markov, Keith Seatman, saneLIV, Eeem (Eim), False Door, Norah Lorway, Opendoor, Moolah, The Residents, LoE LoF LoN / Wayne Rex, Spaceship and Corina Lawrence / Uji. Be sure to listen or Gort won’t be happy.
Phantom Circuit #216: Sing Something Simple - Trip out to unearthly and earthy music by John Fiddy & Jim Harbourg, Norah Lorway, Sevenism, Abecedarians, Otherchannels, Deux, Natali Kaufmann, Swingin’ Medallions, Suburban Lawns, Su Tissue, Hope Every Day, Constant Light and Turvia.
Phantom Circuit #215: Seventh Heaven - Phantom Circuit brings you your first chance to hear tracks from the forthcoming album by Sieben along with the new sounds of Revbjelde, Buckner Building, Wizards Tell Lies, Dublock, Sevcom All Stars, Tom Ellard, Petridisch, Ivan Black, Confessor and Bloodkry.
Phantom Circuit #214: Iconic Tramp Hut - A little old place where we can get music by My Last Melancholy, Azalia Snail, Caroline K, Linda William’, EE7A, Kremaster, Francis Rimbert, 36, Tom Ellard, Philip Sulidae, Carya Amara, Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin, Leaving Richmond, Transient and Dub Not Pop.
Phantom Circuit #213: Ai Latini, amore è Roma in Italia - Loops at a spool. Music by Quimper, Jane and Barton, Buckner Building, on_14, Paddy Kingsland, Joe Frawley, Oneiroid Psychosis, Severed Heads, Annette Peacock, jmdkm, Nick R 61 & Kendall Wa, Zacharias, Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett and Opus III.
Phantom Circuit #212: With a session by Simon Heartfield - In his session for Phantom Circuit, Simon Heartfield brings us ‘D is for Derrida’, a piece inspired by Ken McMullen’s film ‘Ghost Dance’ (1983). Simon is assisted by his long-time collaborator Keith Seatman. There is also music by Kim Kristensen, Retep Folo, Stanislav Rubyteno, Leaving Richmond, Le Syndicat Electronique, Hawkwind, Nonima and Repeated Viewing.
Phantom Circuit #211: The Strangest Music from the Upstairs Kitchen - Music by John Morris, Viejo Café de Europa, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin, Revbjelde, Dead Can Dance, Grant Moros, Piero Umiliani, Yellow6, Malaria, Domingues & Kane, The Residents, Djivan Gasparyan, Norah Lorway and Portal. This show was recorded just prior to the recent death of Jóhann Jóhannsson and so does not mention his passing.
Phantom Circuit #210: Lords of the Dance Centuries - Take some time out to listen to Robert Rental & The Normal, Bert Kaempfert, Rogue Collective, Crawling Chaos, Pete Prescription, Hollywood Brats, Brattt, HerrGottSax, Mina Lord, Lord Litter, The Residents, Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin, John Foxx and Юрий Бучма.
A Phantom Circuit Mix for Secret Self - A mix by Phantom Circuit for the Secret Self radio show, with music by Palsekam, Eric Random, Der Plan, M, HermeneutecH, Tristesse de la Lune, Desiderii Marginis, Delerium, Swaying Smoke, Jodie Lowther, Księżyc, Squinancywort, Dissolved, Klaus Morlock, Pandacetamol, Marc Wilkinson, Redshift, Andre Tschaskowski and Panic Heart.
Phantom Circuit #209 Phantom Circuit #209: Nobody Walks Slower than You - Listen at the press of a button for music by Dubpixel, Richard Vimal, Faastwalker, Alquimia, Norah Lorway, Embers Below Zero, DID, Band X, Ayalew Mesfin & Black Lion Band, Richard Grassby-Lewis & Mark Anderson, Malicious Wonderland, Mladen Franko and Flesh Eating Foundation.
Phantom Circuit #208: Fab Christmas - Listen at the press of a button for music by Slaw, Sy Mann, Marcy, Jodie Lowther, Tomita, Bernard Szajner, Carya Amara, T.a.t.u., Paul McCartney, The Happy Crickets, Dreamstate, Galun, ZXC, Castleview and Coil.
Phantom Circuit #207: Sanctuary - Listen at the press of a button for music by Nasienie, Richard Grassby-Lewis & The Insects, Orkes Gambang Kromong Naga Mustika, Wildhoney, David Bowwow, Øystein Jørgensen/Chris Silver T., Annette Hanshaw, James Wolf, Siamgda, Jodie Lowther, We Are the Wooden Houses, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Friends of Alice Ivy.
Phantom Circuit #206: The Big Numbers - Listen at the press of a button for music by Quimper, Trillion Catz, Джан Ку, Dolls Come to Life, Tremor, The Residents, Jmdkm, Janice Nicholls, Wire, Eric Random, Teddy Lasry, Carya Amara, Blasts Atomic!, Entaclishus, Sam Gopal and Hawkwind.
Phantom Circuit #205: Minor IT Catch-Up - Listen at the press of a button for music by Dick Mills / BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Carter Tutti Void, 30(eks), Mannschreck, Bruce Gilbert, Bleeding Bug, Inicolabug, Mainmatic, Carya Amara, Poeme Electronique, Joe Frawley and Simon Heartfield.
Phantom Circuit #204: Halloween 2017 – The Return of Werdwolfen - Listen at the press of a button to Werdwolfen in session plus music by Spencer Moore, Procol Harum, Repeated Viewing, The Hunted Hare, Asgard, Ivanov Down, Mike Batt and Friends, Joseph LoDuca, Crna Barbi, PaRtY-CaNnOn, Tristram Cary and Lovekrafty.
Phantom Circuit #203: Monarchic, I Putt - Listen to this edition of Phantom Circuit at the press of a button for music by Severed Heads, Gel-Sol, Tenderfoot Edwards, Red Spells Red, Lucette Bourdin, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Khan Tengri, Kandahar, Magida El Roumi, Rüdiger Lorenz, Electrophon, Blasts Atomic!, Métal Urbain and Starter.
Phantom Circuit #202: With a session by D.N.P – Dub Not Pop Division - Chris Downing’s D.N.P now has a dub division and its debut session is in this edition of Phantom Circuit along with the sounds of Monty Python, Boobs of DOOM, IOK-1, Nuclear Whale, Frau Holle, Joy Division, Danielle Dax and Eric Random.
Phantom Circuit #201: A Space - Listen to this edition of Phantom Circuit at the press of a button for music by Fullness Off Lack, Heavenchord, Danieto, Leere, Chaos as Shelter, Palsekam, Squadron Scramble, Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin featuring Norwood Grimes, Gil Flat, Nara Leão, Semi Sailor, Spaceship and Stone Glass Steel.
Phantom Circuit #200: Double Century - We’ve reached show #200! Join us at the press of a button for music by The Force Dimension, Infinity Night, You’re Alive but You Are Dead, David Shire, Denny Zeitlin, Mirrorring, Swell Sounds, Organoid, Gilroy Mere, Exoteric Continent and Earcom 2.
Phantom Circuit #199: Iconic Trump Hat - Listen to this edition of Phantom Circuit at the press of a button for music by Cindy Kat, Kid Schurke & Brain Hall, Kraftwerk, Richiro Manabe, Power-Pack, Petridisch, Observation Point, Norah Lorway, Stellardrone, Church Universal and Triumphant, Inc. featuring Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Astoria Sound, Geolm and Wojciech Golczewski.
Phantom Circuit #198: with a session by Mr Slater’s Parrot - This ediion brings you the debut radio session by Mr Slater’s Parrot plus music by Moondog, Craig Sibley, Astoria Sound, Martin Denny, Sunhiilow and more.
Phantom Circuit #197: Compact Hit Ruin - With music by Stuart Chalmers, Wojciech Golczewski, The Yardbirds, Bernie Green and His Orchestra, Lisa Librarian and more.
Phantom Circuit #196: Universal Product - With music by Napoleon XIV, Pepe Jaramillo, Gong, Lower Synth Department, White Noise and more.
Phantom Circuit #195: Patriotic Munch - With music by Absolute Body Control, Sans, Demonic Sweaters, Edgar Froese, Faust and more.
Phantom Circuit #194: Shadows and Reflections - With music by Julia van der Piller, Tones on Tail, ShadowmastΞr, Gross Prophet, Dissolved and more.
Phantom Circuit #193: Northern Lights - With music by Charles Bernstein, Simon Heartfield, Stephanie Merchak, Ephemeris, Strange Lights and more.
Phantom Circuit #192: Prospects - With music by The Residents, Ï-Dogx, Spaceship, Logical Disorder, Sternenspringer and more.
Phantom Circuit #191: Neoteric Research - With music by Bruce Gilbert, Najma, Nonconnah, Soiled / Marcus H, Norah Lorway and more.
Phantom Circuit #190: Unity - With music by Maska Genetik, Chris Craft, Eyeball, Vice Versa, Keith Seatman and more.
Phantom Circuit #189: with a session by Kieran Mahon - With a session by Kieran Mahon plus music by Jeremy Stokes, Echo & the Bunnymen, Alcyon, Coil, John Inman and more.
Phantom Circuit #188: Clear Skies - With music by Safir Nòu, A Drama Radio, Dat Garcia, Yoursck, How Hot Is Your Cloud? and more.
Phantom Circuit #187: Catnip Chum Trio - With music by The John Buzon Trio, Pheelia, Harold Budd, Catnip & Claws, Kármán Voh and more.
Phantom Circuit #186: Hip Romantic Cut - With music by Herbie Flowers & Barry Morgan, Dumdum Score, Owlbinos of Northfield, Michael Nyman, Foreber and more.
Phantom Circuit #185: Manic Pitch Tour - With music by Mike Vickers, Carya Amara, Kathryn Tickell, Aptoms, D. Bradnam & W. Burrows and more.
Phantom Circuit #184: Last Christmas - And so this is… the last edition of Phantom Circuit for 2016, with a seasonal theme and an eclectic assortment of music for you. The sounds come from Durutti Column, Fini Tribe, Sephiroth, Jayram Acharya, Lallo Gori and more.
Phantom Circuit #183: Shadow Systems - With music by Sobria Ebrietas, Astoria Sound, Dumdum Score, Far East Family Band, Apoptose and more.
Phantom Circuit #548 Phantom Circuit #182: You’re the Puppet - With music by Kek-W, Quimper, Jodie Lowther, Sciuza, Lutz Thuns and more.
Phantom Circuit #181: Night is My Day - With music by Pheelia, Weerthof, Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd, Phirnis, Happiness Band (فرقة الهابنس) and more.
Phantom Circuit #180: Featuring an interview with Sieben (2016) - Featuring a chat with Matt Howden alias Sieben about his latest live and recorded work, plus music by Julie Murphy, The Elephant Frame, Avoidant, The Sammy Burdson Group, 7JK and more.
Phantom Circuit #179: New Adventures - With music by Abrahaz, Suicide, Context, Quimper, Vromb and more.
Phantom Circuit #178: Singing in the Rain - With music by Test Dept., Severed Heads, Alternative TV, Yu Miyashita, Eric Random, 7JK and more.
Phantom Circuit #177: Taking Maxwell Montes (by Serendipity) - With music by Logic System, Nicola Cruz, Velez, Stahlfrequenz, Dave Jones, Jun Mayuzumi and more.
Phantom Circuit #176 Phantom Circuit #176: Vogelhausmusik - With music by Turbo Tabla, Taiga, Jodie Lowther, Fox, Floating Mind, People with Chairs up Their Noses and more.
Phantom Circuit #175 Phantom Circuit #175: Lacus Veris - Phantom Circuit greets spring with music by John Callaghan, Masochistic\Values, Rudy Adrian, Embers Below Zero, That Black and more.
Phantom Circuit #174 Phantom Circuit #174: Phantom Broadcast - The first of a new series being carried by radio station Resonance Extra, with tracks from I’m So Hollow, Drexon Field, Infinite Third, April Larson, Lustmord and more.