Phantom Circuit Series 4

Series 4 ran for 21 editions from April 2015 till January 2016. The list below has links to the playlists for all editions along with audio streaming.

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Show 173Listen Goody, No Pop
A two-hour edition with tracks from Carya Amara, Ivan Black, Bebhionn Laboratory, Data Snow, Bukka White and more.
Show 172Listen Caustic Spells
A two-hour edition with tracks from Gelier Jonathan, Jacques Lejeune, Ralph Lundsten, Snakefinger and more.
Show 171Listen New Year’s Eve in a Haunted House
New Year’s Eve edition with tracks from Midwinter, Alva Noto, Quietest, Weedie, Weldroid and more.
Show 170Listen Christmas / Time
Christmas edition with tracks from The Residents, Juliana 99, Midwich Youth Club, Ormondroyd and more.
Show 169Listen Dream Time.
Tracks from Tangerine Dream, Ron Geesin, I Wayan Sadra, Midnight Circuitry and more.
Show 168Listen Paths of grace.
Tracks from Yellow Magic Orchestra, Nat Shilkret & His Orchestra, Losscom, Norah Lorway, V.D.B. Joel and more.
Show 167Listen Strong Electromagnetic Waves Descend.
Tracks from Closer Contact + Meteer, Sieben, Lastboss, Tomita and more.
Show 166Listen Halloween edition, featuring a session recorded for the show by Werdwolfen.
Tracks from Portion Control, John Barry, Colin Potter, Hanetration, Transient and more.
Show 165Listen Seventh anniversary show, featuring a session recorded by Matt Howden’s Sieben.
Tracks from Dome, Lunar Testing Lab, Joe Frawley, Parties and more.
Show 164Listen Emptiful.
Tracks from Dancing Deadlips, F-Zer0, Electro Assassin, Monroeville Music Center, Balder- and more.
Show 163Listen With a session by Sheer Zed.
Tracks from Schlafengarten, The United States Of America, Cyborg Music, Sp3ct3rs, Mirrorball Inferno and more.
Show 162Listen Strange harmonies.
Tracks from Carya Amara, Wally Badarou, Jean C. Roché & Bill H. Gunn, Knolios, Automatic Tasty and more.
Show 161Listen Dark / Undark
Tracks from M.Nomized, Howard Shore, Bernthøler, Favourite’s Group, Sigil and more.
Show 160Listen Breakthrough Listen.
Tracks from Mike Vickers, Achondar, Hawkwind, Bachelor Machines, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and more.
Show 159Listen Crystal gardens.
Tracks from Ted Atking & Alan Feanch, Schlafengarten, Silver Apples, Weldroid, SiJ and more.
Show 158Listen Radio astronomy.
Tracks from Kirill Platonkin, Twyxu, Templezone, Nyolfen, Hi-D and more.
Show 157Listen Effects of colour.
Tracks from Yello, Collapse, Rasp, Ghost Cinema, White Noise and more.
Show 156Listen Don’t cry for me for a moment.
Tracks from 82-75, Trev Wignall, Johnny Marvin, Martial Canterel, TanDog and more.
Show 155Listen The Golden Hour of the Phantom.
Tracks from Robert Fripp, Zombie Zombie, Rheingold, Genetic Plans, Human League and more.
Show 154Listen A trip in the dark.
Tracks from Mig Inc, Greg Truckell, 2ndMOUSE, Medicine Man, Communicon and more.
Show 153Listen Phantom Circuit returns, sooner than expected.
Tracks from Space Food Chicks, Richard Yeoman-Clarke / BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Gurdonark, Annie Hall, Bleak Fiction and more.