Phantom Circuit Series 3

Phantom Circuit Series 3 ran for 122 editions plus 1 guest mix from April 2010 till December 2014. The list below has links to the playlists for all editions along with audio streaming.

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Show 152Listen The final edition of Series 3.
Tracks from Midwich Youth Club, Tangerine Dream, Richard Yeoman-Clarke / BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Bread Love And Dreams, LFO and more.
Show 151Listen Dreams of leaving.
Tracks from Atom™, Sans, Paddy Kingsland, Human League, Edg
Show 150Listen Just in time for Halloween: bloodsucking freaks, werewolves, saints and a rusty gate.
Tracks from Giuliano Sorgini, Alan Parker, CHBB, Bene Gesserit,
Show 149Listen For aristocrats.
Tracks from Startled Insects, Metabolist, Fanny, 6 or 7
Show 148Listen Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire, Ku-Ling Bros.) talks about his work as part of modular synthesiser trio Wrangler.
Tracks from Hey Rube!, Cabaret Voltaire, Wrangler, Joobele, Wizards
Show 147Listen Dreaming in the sky.
Tracks from Bernadette Erikka, Devo, Blue Albatross, Bleupulp,
Show 146Listen At the Edge of Worlds.
Tracks from Albert Kuvezin & Yat-Kha, Gran +, Infected Lab, Fußßßball, Quinn Walker and
Show 145Listen Ancient and modern.
Tracks from Mussolini Headkick, Logical Disorder, Cabaret Voltaire, So Simple, Robert Scott
Show 144Listen Fury from the deep (no songs today).
Tracks from Solanaceae Tau, Third Door From The Left, Artefactum, Asmus Tietchens, Popp
Show 143Listen Twilight Area.
Tracks from Buddy System, Collection d’Arnell-Andréa, PiXtar, GrAze, Ste
Show 142Listen Featuring a session by Wizards Tell Lies.
Tracks from Wizards Tell Lies & Joshua Levesque, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Keith Seatman, Harold Budd, G
Show 141Listen Sun streams through.
Tracks from Nick R 61, Machines At Last, Yendai Replica, Brqs, Ohrenbetäubentd>
Show 140Listen Into the labyrinth (a maze in music).
Tracks from Kirill Platonkin, Ted Atking & Alan Feanch, Mumukshu, Dick Hyman, Asmus
Show 139Listen Angels versus animals.
Tracks from No Tabac, Sun-Inside, Joseph Racaille, Desiderii Marginis,
Show 138Listen Interstellar drones and a space-rocking session recorded for the show by Midwich Youth Club.
Tracks from Midwich Youth Club, Quest, Buckfunk 3000, Moral, Ste
Show 137Listen The Threshold of Liberty.
Tracks from Spec Records, WeR7, Energy Loop vs Tsabe
Show 136Listen Featuring a session by experimental/dark ambient project D.N.P (Dona Nobis Pacem).
Tracks from Inner Struggle, Svarturkatur, D.N.P., Spatial & Co, E
Show 135Listen Syncopation and isolation.
Tracks from Daoun + C. Gonzalez, Dark Frequencer, WeR7, Ross De Luxe Syncopaters,a>
Show 134Listen Exclusive track previews from Tom Ellard plus space adventures and Antarctic expeditions.
Tracks from Quest, Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan, K.M. Krebs, RwAble, Crash Course I
Show 133Listen 2013 nevermore.
Tracks from The Force Dimension, Vittim, Leben Und Arbeiten, I
Show 132Listen Wails from the crypt.
Tracks from D.N.P., Nanocult, Delia Derbyshire, Chris & Cosey,
Show 131Listen Half-machine ship grooves.
Tracks from Stephen Mc Cann & Kirill Makushin, The Human League, Ghost Cinema>
Show 130Listen Wizards in the woods and autumnal hues.
Tracks from Bobby Jones, Bodhi, Winterbound, Whe
Show 129Listen Easy listening on the Devil’s mountain.
Tracks from Leftism, Radiomaniac, Pete Murgatroyd, Christopher Alvarado and Ari Pork
Show 128Listen Phantom Circuit’s fifth birthday.
Tracks from A Ninja Slob Drew Me, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Einzelganger, A
Show 127Listen Featuring a session recorded for the programme by Quimper.
Tracks from Kenny Everett & Mike Vickers, Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan, Richiro Manab
Show 126Listen “The sound so ominously tearing through the silence…”
Tracks from The Shimmer Effect, Howard Shore, Zone, Abba, Letters o
Show 125Listen Power to the people.
Tracks from Lee Morse, Echo & The Bunnymen, Secondface, London Studio Grotd>
Show 124Listen Mania Mécanique.
Tracks from Guillotine Hairshaver, Bardoseneticcube, La Maison Moderne, Kl
Show 123Listen 1-2-3.
Tracks from David Lewin, Tiruset, Steve Moore, Cory Allen, Somn
Show 122Listen International emanations via the Phantom Circuit.
Tracks from Ivanov Down, Phillipe Lamy, Adviruz, Dave Jones,
Show 121Listen Dream monologues.
Tracks from Caldara, Philip Sulidae, Logical Disorder, John Lennon, Jürg
Show 120Listen Synthetic Cognition.
Tracks from Mr. Incognito, Machines Of Madness, Audraulic, Cilocub, Cook
Show 119Listen Plastic spacescapes and mechanical music.
Tracks from The Plastic People Of The Universe, Györgi Ligeti, Stable Mechanism, Aa>
Show 118Listen Mystery trips.
Tracks from Carya Amara, Zhou Xuan, Echoculture, Strat
Show 117Listen Sensible symphonies and stormy songs.
Tracks from Amiina, Pierre Commandeur, Désaccord Majeur, Niteffect, Glor
Show 116Listen Some Things Bright and Beautiful.
Tracks from Portion Control, Armand Frydman, Alan Parker, Crispy
Show 115Listen Entertainment.
Tracks from Collection d’Arnell-Andréa, Satoi, Norah Lorway, Morphi
Show 114Listen I am the demi-god of hellfire and I bring you – smoke.
Tracks from A Split Second, Nata, Ensemble Pittoresq
Show 113Listen An ear for optical theory.
Tracks from The Cardboard Lung, Michael Nyman, Burni
Show 112Listen The last Phantom Circuit of 2012: your refuge from Christmas songs. Claviolines, washboards and other treasures.
Tracks from Lilmanjs, Büromaschinen, Djulien Ferrantes, Min-Y-Llan,
Show 111Listen Music for December skies.
Tracks from Bernadette Erikka, Kogyo, Delayscape, Marcel Pequel, Konstr
Show 110Listen Electronic music from the Phantom Circuit.
Tracks from Kirill Platonkin, Astrid Monroe, Christos Hatzis, Akashic Crow’s Nest, Tanger
Show 109Listen Round and round the garden.
Tracks from Music for Zombies, Question Mark & The Mysterians, Texense, Nobuto Suda,
Show 108Listen The feel of the autumn sun.
Tracks from Autumn, Some of My Best Friends are Canadians, Chandra, George zB, Nach After and more.
Show 107Listen Night-time valleys and glass mountains.
Tracks from Ross Baker, Hanetration, Enno Velthuys, Hervé Perez & Alex Hegyes and more.
Show 106Listen Alpha and Omega, with some points in-between.
Tracks from Giulio Aldinucci, Salt Tank, Icebreaker, PiXtar, Doxa Sinistra and more.
Show 105Listen Frozen warnings and silent commands.
Tacks from Gang of Four, F600, Djet, The Silent Committee, Cabaret Voltaire and more.
Show 104Listen Headphone happiness.
Tracks from Julia van der Piller, Celibates, Saloon, Crash Course In Science, Wedding Noise and more.
Show 103Listen Featuring a live performance by Norah Lorway, recorded in Birmingham on 29th June.
Tracks from The Colors Thieves, Organoid, Line, Kid Feardive, Music for Zombies and more.
Show 102Listen A little later than usual, Phantom Circuit returns just in time to offer you another unmissable selection of music.
Tracks from Slag Boom Van Loon, Carya Amara, Inner Struggle, DsorDne, Hildur Guðnadóttir and more.
Show 101Listen A merry tune to toot.
Tracks from Phillippe Lamy, Serebro, Amber Asylum, B. C. Gilbert and G. Lewis and more.
Show 100Listen Strangeness, fear and wonder. Business as usual!
Tracks from Brian Hodgson, Millimetric, Craig Leon, Autism and more.
Show 99Listen Hot from the Brighton Festival Fringe, live music from the comedic electronic pop duo Eccentronic and a collaboration by thereminists Sarah Angliss (of Spacedog) and Hypnotique.
Tracks from Senking, Cindytalk, Harold Budd and more.
Show 98Listen Featuring an interview with Ikue Mori and Maja Ratkje and excerpts from their live performance in Ulverston, Cumbria.
Tracks from Lee Morse, Fidget, The Anti-Group, Au7um and more.
Show 97Listen Featuring Ryoko Akama live at the Lanternhouse, Ulverston, Cumbria, on 29th March.
Tracks from Weldroid, Herre Jorna, Squinancywort and more.
Show 96Listen Featuring Ola Szmidt live at the Lanternhouse, Ulverston, Cumbria, on 29th March.
Tracks from Maria & the Mirrors, Coax, Witch, Muted Fnord and more.
Show 95Listen More mind-boggling music from the Phantom Circuit.
Tracks from The Microgram, Razxca, InternalExternal, Albrecht and more.
Show 94Listen Running scared between cathedrals. Vivid invisible architecture.
Tracks from Najma, SonVer, László Hortobágyi, Vladimir Ussachevsky and more.
Show 93Listen More willfully obscure music.
Tracks from Ghost, F600, Vera Hall, Osakan, Rivers of Ashes and more.
Show 92Listen Another matchless mix of music from the Phantom Circuit.
Tracks from Mystified, Zoe Keating, Seefeel, Robert Schroeder, Two Daughters and more.
Show 91Listen Featuring an improvised session of dark ambient music made for the programme by Leonardo Rosado.
Tracks from Ectoplasm Girls, Daniel W J Mackenzie, Enno Velthuys, Valgeir Sigurðsson, Lefolk and more.
Show 90Listen People, animals, nature and other. Bite the bars and ding the bell.
Tracks from The Diagram Brothers, Noisesurfer, Giraffe, Piero Umiliani, Tomita and more.
Show 89Listen Seeing out 2011, seeing in 2012.
Tracks from The Residents, Kirill Platonkin, 91plus, Ghostkid, Marcel Pequel and more.
Show 88Listen Featuring an interview with Spacedog about the release of their long-awaited debut album, Juice for the Baby. Step into a world of illusionists, owls, robots, spooky folk and electric lullabies.
Tracks from Alexei Biryukoff, The Band of Holy Joy and more.
Show 87Listen The Light Programme.
Tracks from Karanabe, Hildur Guðnadóttir, Nasienie, Martin Dupont and more.
Show 86Listen Unknown numbers, dirty daydreams and cetacean sounds. We orca know better.
Tracks from Jacques Kustod, British Standard Unit, Adriano Orrù and more.
Show 85Listen An assortment of music for Halloween. Woo. Scary.
Tracks from Fini Tribe, Autumn, John Carpenter & Alan Howarth, Wolandroid, Art Zoyd and more.
Show 84Listen Another surprising transmission from the Phantom Circuit.
Tracks from Odaibe, Jake Jackson, Lunar Testing Lab and more.
Show 83Listen Loki stones, singing bowls, echoing guitars, energetic electronics, neofolk and an unplanned collaboration in a quarry.
Tracks from Günter Schickert, Sieben, Dissolved and more.
Show 82Listen Second part of coverage of the Full of Noises festival, with interviews with AGF, Tetsuo Kogawa, Philip Jeck, Lee Gamble and more.
Tracks from Lee Gamble, Tom Scott, Tetsuo Kogawa and more.
Show 81Listen Covering interactive audio events in Barrow Park at the Full of Noises festival.
Tracks from CircumLiver, Joop Stokkermans, Mashael, Bernard Xolotl and Daniel Kobialka, Lyften and more.
Show 80Listen Featuring the live debut of improvisational supergroup Black Forest Orchestra at the Woodland Gathering festival.
Tracks from Melomake, Kluster, Ambient Fabric and more.
Show 79Listen Featuring music and interviews from the Woodland Gathering festival, with Islaja, Z’ev and Mick Flower, Sian Macfarlane’s Swallows and event organiser Andy Black Forest.
Tracks from Islaja, Polar Lights and more.
Show 78Listen Featuring a session recorded for the show by Keith Seatman.
Tracks from Carya Amara, Cooptrol, Tardiss, Future Museums and more.
Show 77Listen Featuring a session of ambient and atmospheric music recorded for the show by Gurdonark.
Tracks from Rowboat Magicians, Dome, Swaying Smoke, Nigul and more.
Show 76Listen Featuring an interview with Allie Moss with music from her new album and her live set in Birmingham on 19th May.
Tracks from John Praw, Leonardo Rosado, Ambienteer and more.
Show 75Listen Featuring a set of drone ambience for the show by Kirill Platonkin (Кирилл Платонкин).
Tracks from Meteer, Klara Fall, Mikans, Squinancywort and more.
Show 74Listen Featuring an interview with Matmos and music from their gig in Birmingham on 15th May.
Tracks from David Bedford, Pierre Arvay, Heidi Spencer & the Rare Birds and more.
Show 73Listen Featuring an interview with cellist, composer and technologist Peter Gregson.
Tracks from Denial, Bel Canto, Lefolk, Graham Dunning and more.
Show 72Listen Ian Hodgson aka Moon Wiring Club tells us about the method behind the madness that he calls confusing English electronic music.
Tracks from Randomform, Datacrashrobot and more.
Show 71Listen Featuring an interview with People Like Us and Ergo Phizmiz with music from their live audiovisual performance of The Keystone Cutups.
Tracks from Obsil, Peter Andersson and more.
Show 70Listen Featuring an interview with audiovisual group Origamibiro, with music from their set at the Flatpack festival on 26th March.
Tracks from Clem Leek, Polar Lights, Bruce Haack, Matt Howden and more.
Show 69Listen Featuring an interview with audiovisual duo Sculpture, with music from their live set at the Flatpack festival on 26th March.
Tracks from Ambienteer, Aeroshell, Mental D-struction, Paris Studio Group and more.
Show 68Listen Featuring Tokyo cellist and composer Hiromichi Sakamoto live at the Flatpack Festival on 24th March.
Tracks from Sentimental Machines, Slumber Soundsystem, Squinancywort and more.
Show 67Listen Featuring an interview with Pram plus music from the live performance of their soundtrack to Shadow Shows, recorded at the Flatpack Festival.
Tracks from Carya Amara, John Foxx and The Maths, Jon Brooks and more.
Show 66Listen Featuring an interview with Spacedog about sound recording without electricity, early television experiments and zombie riots.
Tracks from Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Golau Glau, Panorama and more.
Show 65Listen Featuring an interview with Harrys Gym. We chat about the songwriting process, long Norwegian nights, vintage synthesisers and, of course, apostrophes.
Tracks from Kate Bush, Dissolved, Hong Kong In The 60s, Román Ramón and more.
Show 64Listen Featuring an interview with Esben and the Witch.
Tracks from Jo Quail, Minisystem, Catalyst Fantasy and more.
Show 63Listen Mostly new releases, ranging from rock to jazz to dance, as if any of those terms really mean much when trying to label the good stuff.
Tracks from Sistra, Tiruset, Garry Bradbury and more.
Show 62Listen Voyages around the world and into space, music inspired by Boards of Canada, outsider pop and other happy listening.
Tracks from Island Near the Clouds, AAGSF, Nisei23, Automatic Tasty, The Shaggs and more.
Show 61Listen Black sands, loops and wrongness.
Tracks from Moral, Lunar Testing Lab, Noisesurfer, Vertical67 and more.
Show 60Listen Featuring a second session for the show by Cousin Silas.
Tracks from Moon.Plants, Cagey House, Belkastrelka, Bot’Ox and more.
Show 59Listen Featuring a collaborative session by Mutate and Thee Moths.
Tracks from Tangerine Dream, Kaa Antilope, Belkastrelka, Electric Light Orchestra and more.
Show 58Listen Christmas edition, featuring Sarah Blasko live.
Tracks from The Residents, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Nico, Tomita and more.
Show 57Listen Featuring a spooky live performance of radiophonic music by The Octopus Collective.
Tracks from Zoe Keating, Project Clockwork, The Raytownian(s), Werkbund and more.
Show 56Listen Featuring Daidono live, plus an interview with the duo.
Tracks from Barry Ryan, MaCu and Ambient Fabric, USSR Ministry of Culture Chamber Choir, and more.
Show 55Listen Featuring an interview with Icelandic cellist and composer Hildur Guðnadóttir, plus an interview with John Hall about the Full of Noises festival at which she played.
Tracks from Angel, Storsveit Nix Noltes and more.
Show 54Listen Featuring a live set of dark ambient environments by Yantantethra.
Tracks from Islaja, Giraffe, Gurdonark, Tristram Carey, Microprocessor and more.
Show 53Listen Featuring highlights of an immersive set of live electronic and vocal music by Shengi.
Tracks from Moon.Plants, Verülf, “Gunung Jati” Ensemble of Tegas, Sthenos and more.
Show 52Listen Featuring an atmospheric set of live electronic music by Clutter.
Tracks from Arc Vel, Biosphere, Carole Samaha and more.
Show 51Listen Featuring a live set of rhythmic electronic music by Claire Marshall’s solo music project Cheyenne.
Tracks from Coax, Mutate, Thomas Leer & Robert Rental and more.
Show 50Listen A double-length edition featuring an interview with Andy Hayes of concert promoters Radio Black Forest plus live experimental electronic music from his project Doors to Nowhere.
Tracks from Goblin, Clara Mondshine and more.
Show 49Listen Sam Underwood debuts his MIDI Octopus live and Kate Sugden tells us why It’s a Geek’s World.
Tracks from Gadget, Killing Joke, Nightmare Lodge and more.
Show 48Listen Clog Dancing: the original techno-industrial dance? In The Machinery, Caroline Radcliffe and Sarah Angliss relate a surprising history of dancing in the factory.
Tracks from Doxa Sinistra, Edgar Froese and more.
Show 47Listen Featuring a live performance of electronic music by Thee Moths, performed in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.
Tracks from Bachelor Machines, Najwa Karam, M. Ostermeier, Cousin Silas and more.
Hear mixListen A Phantom Circuit Mix for Exotic Pylon.
A guest mix which was broadcast in Jonny Mugwump’s show Exotic Pylon with tracks from John Barry, Spill Twins, Monty Python, Helios Creed and more.
Show 46Listen Mostly new releases. Damn genres, just enjoy the creativity.
Tracks from Sevish, Paradroid, Edgar Varese, Hectic, Joe Frawley and more.
Show 45Listen Featuring an interview with Thee Moths.
Tracks from Takayuki Hattori, Barry Ryan, Elegi, Mosaic Mosaic, Bel Canto and more.
Show 44Listen Featuring an interview with the hugely influential Silver Apples, with highlights from the recent gig in Birmingham.
Tracks from Crepusculo, Martin Böttcher, Roger Roger and more.
Show 43Listen New releases and other alluring audio.
Tracks from Claude Larson, MaCu & Ambient Fabric, Collection d’Arnell-Andréa, EtnoRom and more.
Show 42Listen Featuring an interview with Charlemagne Palestine at the debut of his new work for carillon in Birmingham (UK).
Tracks from Vitamin String Quartet, Tatsu, Amon Duul II and more.
Show 41Listen New releases and a mix of music perhaps best described as a forced landing on a cloud bank.
Tracks from Julia van der Piller, Zenial, Joe Frawley, Clutter, Spill Twins and more.
Show 40Listen Featuring an interview with Penny King of the SouthBank Gamelan Players.
Tracks from Rahayu Supanggah, Aphex Twin, Plaid, Mengenang Empu Karawitan, Guruh Gipsy and more.
Show 39Listen Four yourself a gottle of geer and enjoy a nix of old and new nusic.
Tracks from Carya Amara, Julia van der Piller, Commuters, Portishead, Geraldine & Ricky and more.
Show 38Listen Featuring an interview with Jean-Hervé Peron, Zappi Diermaier, Geraldine Swayne and James Johnston of Faust + live tracks.
Tracks from The Residents, Button Moon and more.
Show 37Listen Featuring an interview with Chris Carter (Carter Tutti, Throbbing Gristle) and John Richards’ Dirty Electronics Ensemble
Tracks from Annie, Cyborg Music, Hugh Le Caine and more.
Show 36Listen A report on Theremin Day in Birmingham, featuring an interview with Miss Hypnotique
Tracks from Clara Rockmore, Lydia Kavina and more.
Show 35Listen Featuring an interview with electrifying electric cellist Joanna Quail of SonVer
Tracks from Cousin Silas, My Brother Daniel, Lol Coxhill & Morgan Fisher, _voice, and more.
Show 34Listen Sieben special featuring an interview with Matt Howden
Show 33Listen Ghost Box special featuring an interview with Jim Jupp (Belbury Poly) and Julian House (The Focus Group).
Tracks from Carya Amara, Eric Zann, The Advisory Circle and more.
Show 32Listen Featuring an interview with Moon Wiring Club.
Tracks from Spherical Objects, Alan Hawkshaw, Front Line Assembly, Mega City 2 and more.
Show 31Listen Industrial to pop, dark ambient to computer music, and bongos to the lot of you.
Tracks from Chilli Willi & the Red Hot Peppers, Yello, Hamdi Ahmed, Music For Pleasure and more.