Phantom Circuit Series 2

Series 2 of Phantom Circuit ran over 16 editions from March till August 2009. The list below has links to the playlists for all editions along with audio streaming for most shows.

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Listen now! Features/keywords Track info
Hear show 30
pc30-tiny.jpgA double-length edition featuring Fonik live in Birmingham.
Tracks from Karikas, Michael Nyman, Katia Guerreiro, Yulia Savicheva and more.
Hear show 29Listen pc29-tiny.jpgFeaturing Clutter live in Birmingham.
Tracks from N.R.Y.Y., Ariel Kalma, Clutter, Ya Ya Choral and more.
Hear show 28Listen pc28-tiny.jpgWe raise hymns to the stars whilst saying farewell to Les Paul and hello to the new innovators.
Tracks from Paul Horn, Josef Nadek, Mathis, Dee D. Jackson, Gurdonark and more.
Hear show 27Listen pc27-tiny.jpgNew and forthcoming releases plus of course good old stuff.
Tracks from Button Moon, N.R.Y.Y., Fabio Frizzi, Halo XVI and more.
Show 26No audio pc26-tiny2.jpgInterviews with Goblin & Dirty Electronics Ensemble, Memory Band live + more from the Supersonic festival. playlist
Hear show 25Listen pc25-tiny.jpgWe choose to go to the Moon.
Tracks from Echo & The Bunnymen, Henry Cow, Tserendawah, Louise Huebner, Bel Canto and more.
Hear show 24Listen pc24-tiny.jpgSupersonic zombies failing to be conventional.
Tracks from The Residents, Regina Spektor, Athanor, Khyam Allami and more.
Hear show 23Listen pc23-tiny.jpgExcessive electronics at a variety of speeds.
Tracks from Joel Vandroogenbroeck, Brainticket, Schaltkreis Wassermann, Gilles Zeitschiff, Neuronium and more.
Hear show 22Listen pc22-tiny.jpgFrom ghostly musicians on TV… to dolphin-friendly tuners…
Tracks from Yellow Magic Orchestra, Pandacetamol, Forgotten Ruins and more.
Hear show 21Listen pc21-tiny.jpgYou need your motors.
Tracks from Fad Gadget, Bongwater, Slowdive, Silvia, Crash Course In Science and more.
Hear show 20Listen pc20-tiny.jpgOff to visit the beach and the crypt for sun, sea and The Silent Coast.
Tracks from Deux Filles, Kabelton, Steve Hillage, Geisterfahrer and more.
Hear show 19Listen pc19-tiny.jpgMusic ranging from the snotty to the phlegmatic.
Tracks from Art Bears, He Said, Ti-Tho, Cabaret Voltaire, Gil Melle and more.
Hear show 18Listen pc18-tiny.jpgEarth Monkey Productions – interview and music from this Cumbrian netlabel.
Tracks from Clutter vs Susan Matthews, Peter James, Becoming Animal and more.
Hear show 17Listen pc17-tiny2.jpgFeaturing an exclusive session for the programme by Cousin Silas.
Tracks from Dün, Test Dept., Aphex Twin, Freescha, Zed and more.
Show 16No audio pc16-tiny.jpgFeaturing a report on exhibitions by M. Nyman and by W. Furlong
Tracks from Beat Frequency, Tone Set, Phew, Fay Lovsky and more.
Hear show 15Listen pc15-tiny.jpgSoothing sounds for septuagenerians.
Tracks from The Badgeman, Clock DVA, Enno Velthuys, LFO, Edgar Froese and more