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The next show is on 30th May

This week and next, Resonance Extra is relaying the Radiophrenia arts radio station from Glasgow in place of its regular programming. The next edition of Phantom Circuit will therefore be on 30th May, after which the shows will be weekly as usual.

Past shows at the press of a button

Don’t forget that many, many hours of previous programming from Phantom Circuit can still be heard online, so, while the show is taking a rest, now is your chance to catch up! List of all shows // Highlights The show has featured Stephen Mallinder, Silver Apples, Charlemagne Palestine, Wizards Tell Lies, Matt Howden, Midwich Youth… Read More »

“That was the last in the present series…”

[Update to this post: Phantom Circuit did indeed return, in April 2015. Listen now…] The third run of Phantom Circuit started with show #31 back in April 2010 and has been running since without interruption, so it’s probably about time for a break. Show #152 will therefore be the last for now. Thanks to Mixcloud… Read More »

RIP Nash the Slash

There is some sad news from The Star newspaper of Toronto which reports “Nash the Slash, Toronto rock violinist, dead at 66”. Nash (also known by his real name of Jeff Plewman – but it always seemed more polite to use his nom de guerre) was Phantom Circuit’s first interviewee, back in 2008 in the… Read More »

Empire of Noise

Here’s a meandering but quite interesting documentary about the jamming of radio signals during the Cold War. It appears to be a Lithuanian film which has been translated into (an odd dialect of) English.