Jun 102014

TestcardMixcloudYou may have seen a couple of “test” entries here. They shouldn’t have been on the front page but hopefully they did not cause any confusion.

These tests were created to demonstrate to Mixcloud’s support team a bug which leads to other Mixcloud content following playback of shows on this site. Mixcloud was quick to respond and the problem has been referred to the appropriate section. While we wait for a fix, if you see random mixes and shows popping up after you have listened to an edition of Phantom Circuit, you know why!

Update 11th June 2014: we are now told that this is a feature and not a bug. This sounds like bad news for Phantom Circuit and its listeners. Please see the next post, which explains why it may be a matter of great concern.

Update 1st July 2014: Mixcloud has confirmed that embedded players have reverted to the old behaviour: shows will not now be automatically followed by unrelated cloudcasts or mixes. Thanks, Mixcloud! So you can safely ignore this post…

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May 292013

HTML5 Logo 64It’s good to read that Mixcloud’s audio player now has “experimental” support for HTML5. This means that devices which do not support Flash, such as iPods and iPhones, can be used to listen to the shows using the standard Web browser.

Mixcloud says that the HTML5 player is not yet as stable as their Flash-based player, so if you do get any problems, remember that apps for iOS and for Android are still available.

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Jul 102012

CloudcastMixcloud has announced an app to play Mixcloud cloudcasts such as Phantom Circuit on devices which run the Android operating system. You can download it here.

Of course, you can continue to listen using any Web browser equipped with the Flash plug-in, and on iOS devices (iPhone / iPod / iPad) using the iOS app.

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Oct 292011

A new home for phantomcircuit.com

The address of the main Web site for Phantom Circuit has always been https://phantomcircuit.com. However, that address will no longer take you to pages hosted at wordpress.com, but instead to this self-contained site. It behaves just like the old site so if you knew that one you won’t feel lost.

New RSS feed

RSSIf you follow Phantom Circuit through the RSS feed, please subscribe to the RSS feed for the new site.

No change to the email list

The email list, Twitter and other ways of keeping informed about Phantom Circuit are unchanged.

Updating links on your sites and blogs

If you’ve linked to pages at http://phantomcircuit.wordpress.com from your own site or blog, thanks very much. However, you now see why the official URL was always preferred: it will always be right, regardless of hosting location. Never mind, the links are easily fixed: just delete the “wordpress” part. This trick works for specific pages and blog posts, too, so:-

http://phantomcircuit.wordpress.com can be changed to https://phantomcircuit.com

http://phantomcircuit.wordpress.com/listen-now/ can be changed to https://phantomcircuit.com/listen-now/

… and so on. Links will then lead to the new site.

But in any case…

… the old WordPress.com site will redirect to the new one, at least for a little while.

Improvements to follow

Improvements, design tweaks and bug-fixing will follow soon…

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Jun 032011

Responding to changes in atmospheric conditions (Hell has frozen), Phantom Circuit has commenced experimental transmissions on Facebook.

If you like that sort of thing and want to see more of it, please click on the thumb thingy. As they say. This will help move us towards the next phase of tests.

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