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The next show is on 30th May

This week and next, Resonance Extra is relaying the Radiophrenia arts radio station from Glasgow in place of its regular programming. The next edition of Phantom Circuit will therefore be on 30th May, after which the shows will be weekly as usual.

Site improvements

The Phantom Circuit site looks a little better now and is much healthier behind the scenes. Further enhancements will come, and no doubt a few more aspects should be fixed…

Social media options for Phantom Circuit

Phantom Circuit has “Mastadoned” its accounts on VK and Ello due to the lack of sufficient active interest there. The Twitter and (ugh) Facebook accounts will continue to be updated. Instagram may be updated once in a blue moon, as may other accounts, but Twitter and Facebook remain your prime social media options if you… Read More »

Expanded DAB presence for Resonance Extra

DAB radio broadcast coverage for Resonance Extra has expanded beyond Brighton & Hove and London into Bristol, Norwich and Cambridge. Of course, that is in addition to the Internet streaming, the audience for which is apparently growing very well too! You can find out more about listening to Phantom Circuit on Resonance Extra in the… Read More »

Following Phantom Circuit in the GDPR Age

Phantom Circuit has deleted its mailing list in order to avoid any additional administrative burden or concerns resulting from GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It’s just not worth the hassle any more. Please see your options for following Phantom Circuit in the future!

Broadcasts via Resonance Extra to Continue

Phantom Circuit has now been on Resonance Extra for a year (since the start of Series 5), and we’re pleased to learn that the station wishes to continue carrying the show throughout 2017. Phantom Circuit #189, which features a session recorded by Kieran Mahon, will get its first airing on Resonance Extra tomorrow, Tuesday 19th… Read More »