Phantom Circuit #37

Featuring an interview with Chris Carter (Carter Tutti, Throbbing Gristle) and John Richards (Dirty Electronics Ensemble). On 28th April 2010, Chris Carter of Throbbing Gristle performed live in Leicester with John Richards‘ Dirty Electronics Ensemble, using specially designed electronic devices built in a workshop leading up to the event. We present some highlights of this… Read More »

Phantom Circuit #36

A report on Theremin Day in Birmingham, featuring an interview with headlining thereminist Miss Hypnotique. We also hear from participants in the day’s DIY workshop, experience experiments with optically triggered noisemakers and consider the past, present and possible future of the theremin – one of the very earliest electronic musical instruments. Phantom Circuit #36 (6th… Read More »

SonVer live with Damo Suzuki

If you live within reach of London, catch SonVer (interviewed in the latest edition of the show) with Damo Suzuki live at the experimental music festival on 4th May. See the venue’s site for a list of other acts appearing on other days of the festival.

Phantom Circuit #35

Featuring an interview with Joanna Quail of SonVer, recorded after her recent solo performance in Birmingham. Jo tells us about playing the electric cello, loop-based improvisation and her role in the astonishing sound of SonVer. Phantom Circuit #35 (29th Apr. 2010) by Phantom Circuit on Mixcloud Use the player above to listen to the show… Read More »