Feb 272018

In his session for Phantom Circuit, Simon Heartfield brings us ‘D is for Derrida’, a piece inspired by Ken McMullen’s film ‘Ghost Dance’ (1983). Simon is assisted by his long-time collaborator Keith Seatman.

There is also music by Kim Kristensen, Retep Folo, Stanislav Rubyteno, Leaving Richmond, Le Syndicat Electronique, Hawkwind, Nonima and Repeated Viewing.

Phantom Circuit #212
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Feb 252018

The forthcoming edition of Phantom Circuit will feature a session recorded for the show by Simon Heartfield. This continuous piece of music is called D is for Derrida and was inspired by the 1983 film Ghost Dance, written and directed by Ken McMullen.

Hear Phantom Circuit #212 first on Resonance Extra at 19:00 UTC on Tuesday 27th February. The show will be available for on-demand listening on this site soon afterwards.

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