Phantom Circuit #252: Lichtung

By | April 25, 2019

Music by Gelier Jonathan, Carl Matthews, Cyanbaal, Escaped Trees, Adam Balusik, Jay-Dea Lopez, Vangelis, Eastern Fear Ritual, Meteora, Lluvia Ácida, 82-75 and Spaceship.

Image credit: detail of a photograph by Tobias Aeppli

Phantom Circuit 252  548x548

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #252

First broadcast on Resonance Extra on Thursday, 25 April 2019

Artist Track Source
Gelier Jonathan De Urano Para Marte Las Almas Inertes
Carl Matthews A Non-Physical World Oversoul
Cyanbaal Impressions Global Electronic (Experimental Connection)
Escaped Trees Approach to The Snow Queen Part IV Global Electronic (Experimental Connection)
Adam Balusik Your Heart is My Heart Three Trees
Jay-Dea Lopez X Pulse
Vangelis Pulstar Albedo 0.39
Eastern Fear Ritual Tribal Shadows The Shaded Path
Meteora People on the Ice Floe The Northern Path
Lluvia Ácida Ciencia Sur Ciencia Sur
82-75 Спать Лес в корабле
Spaceship Hawk Stones (Forest) Outcrops

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