Phantom Circuit on Resonance Extra, Thursday, 18 April 2019

By | April 18, 2019

Tonight on radio station Resonance Extra at 11 pm BST (10 pm UTC), Phantom Circuit brings you music by キラヨシ, Machinefabriek, Kid Mania, John Novak, Neil Scrivin, SiJ, Field Lines Cartographer, Dubstar, Flamengo, Toxic Chicken and Kinsâme.

If you miss the broadcast, catch up later on the Listen Now page or on Mixcloud.

In tonight’s show…

Artist Track Source
キラヨシ Грандиозный Финал Future Unknown
Machinefabriek Mouthful Jongere Jaren
Kid Mania Phi Manic Music
John Novak The Signal is Weak The Moon is a Strange God
Neil Scrivin Omni Voyager Stars and Rumours of Stars
SiJ Echoes from Eternity The Brink of Time
Field Lines Cartographer Echoes in Time The Blow Volume 6
Dubstar Love Comes Late One
Flamengo Kuře v Hodinkách Kuře v Hodinkách
Toxic Chicken It’s All About Fun Fun
Kinsâme Beak Jam BAEL300

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