Phantom Circuit on Resonance Extra, 11th April 2019

By | April 11, 2019

Tonight on radio station Resonance Extra at 11 pm BST (22:00 UTC), Phantom Circuit brings you music by Jean-Claude Risset, Jay-Dea Lopez, Harold Budd/Ruben Garcia/Daniel Lentz, Chelidon Frame, Fabrik, Cisfinitum, Rephazer, Marcy, Peter Ivers, The Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor, Beau, Kirill Mazhai, Remetemen and Anjelika Akbar.

If you miss the broadcast, you will be able to catch up soon after with on-demand streaming from the Listen Now page and on Mixcloud.

In tonight’s show…

Artist Track Source
Jean-Claude Risset Bell Lab Catalogue – #250 Computer Music Currents 13: The Historical CD of Digital Sound Synthesis
Jay-Dea Lopez IV Pulse
Harold Budd/Ruben Garcia/Daniel Lentz Pulse ♦ Pause ♦ Repeat: Ghost Chords Coming from Somewhere and Going Nowhere Music for 3 Pianos
Chelidon Frame An Exploration || Unstable Urban Fabric NowHere Nowhere NoWhere
Fabrik [Atom Cobalto & Victor Rozalen] Una Tarde en el Lago Industria 1970
Cisfinitum Curve Industriewerke
Rephazer Shortwave Tangents
Marcy I Tuned in on Heaven Sing Along with Marcy
Peter Ivers In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song) Eraserhead
The Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor The One About Tax Cuts and Demonising the Vulnerable Contemporary Protest Music
Beau [CVBox & Micha Freier] The Turn Poor Little Rich Girl
Kirill Mazhai IX Small Hours
Remetemen Hopeless Either Long Either Cold to Raise Own Nightmares in Curious Anger
Anjelika Akbar Umut Su

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