Phantom Circuit on Resonance Extra, Thursday, 14 March 2019

By | March 14, 2019

Tonight on radio station Resonance Extra at 11 pm UK time (23:00 UTC), Phantom Circuit brings you music by Filmy Ghost, Entaclishus, DsorDNE, Logical Disorder, C. Reider, Patrick Bates, Tristan Welch, SofÍa Bertomeu Hojberg, You’re Alive But You Are Dead, Sea of Åland, Vėjopatis, Auditive Escape, Moschops and Severed Heads.

If you’ve missed this first broadcast, you will be able to catch up soon after with on-demand streaming from the Listen Now page and on Mixcloud.

In tonight’s show…

Artist Track Source
Filmy Ghost Demon Girl Demon Girl
Entaclishus Pandaemon Subnursery A
DsorDNE t.r.i.p. t.r.i.p.
Logical Disorder Hold Hypnotism and Gnosis
C. Reider Sostener Young Music vol. 2
Patrick Bates Jazzba Salad Days
Tristan Welch Tuesday 40 Hours
SofÍa Bertomeu Hojberg (Your) Paths Together I Know What You Will Do Next December
You’re Alive But You Are Dead And You Know Me We’re Taking Out Your Family
Sea of Åland Recognition Cold Comfort
Vėjopatis Vilktakiai Anafielas
Auditive Escape Des Voiles Ment Polychrome
Moschops Space Monkeys (Escape the Cosmic Zoo on Snow Bikes) Permian Moods
Severed Heads ANIMal Gigapus++

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