Phantom Circuit on Resonance Extra Thursday, 7 February 2019

By | February 7, 2019

Tonight on radio station Resonance Extra at 11 pm UK time (23:00 UTC), Phantom Circuit brings you music by HAWN, David Cross, Karl Richter / Münchener Bach-Chor / Münchener Bach-Orchester, Portal, Jumble Hole Clough, Strange Lights, Grey Frequency, Astralingua, Eeem (Eim), Hypp Fractal, Wizards Tell Lies, Geckko and Repeated Viewing.

If you miss the broadcast, you will be able to catch up soon after with on-demand streaming from the Listen Now page and on Mixcloud.

In tonight’s show…

Artist Track Source
HAWN King For a Ride
David Cross Prince of Darkness Crossing the Tracks
Secret Archives of the Vatican Creed for the Third Millennium Reformation
Karl Richter, Münchener Bach-Chor,
Münchener Bach-Orchester
Mass in B Minor BWV 232
– Credo in unum Deum – Patrem omnipotentem
Johan Sebastian Bach: Mass in B Minor
Portal [Australia] Omnipotent Crawling Chaos Outré
Jumble Hole Clough Prometheus, Dreaming of Empty Cathedrals Chair Envy
Strange Lights Im Takt Meiner Träume Im Takt Meiner Träume
Grey Frequency Rendlesham Forest (1980) Ufology
Astralingua Space Blues Safe Passage
Eeem (Eim) Nostalgia (Unsuiting) Space Blues
Hypp Fractal Stalker 2012
Wizards Tell Lies The Symmetree (Version) The Sound Repository 2
Geckko Twilight A Soundtrack for Nobuyuki Nakayama *
Repeated Viewing Visions in the Dusk Beach House

* Caution: the cover art may be considered somewhat gory.