Phantom Circuit on Resonance Extra, 22nd November 2018

By | November 22, 2018

Tonight on radio station Resonance Extra, Phantom Circuit starts its new weekly slot with music by Brian Eno, E.g Oblique Graph, Adam Mańkowski, Roy Ayers Ubiquity, Elvii Marten, Webcore, PFS, saneLIV, Seatman and Powell with Belbury Poly, These Trails, Grouper, Gerhard Narholz, Radionics Radio, Daniel John Williams, Noisense and Alquimia.

If you miss the broadcast, you will be able to catch up soon after with on-demand streaming from the Listen Now page and on Mixcloud.

In tonight’s show…

Artist Track Source
Brian Eno No One Receiving Before and After Science
E.g Oblique Graph After Commentary Complete Oblique
Adam Mańkowski Tam była Miłość Dźwięki z Offu
Roy Ayers Ubiquity Sweet Butterfly of Love He’s Coming
Elvii Marten Uncodeclair D’ansphurdoux
Webcore Prayer for Clarity Webcore Webcore
PFS A Trucker’s Prayer Suboxone Country
saneLIV Country too Self Aware Blues Heath
Seatman and Powell with Belbury Poly Broken Folk (Belbury Poly Mix) Broken Folk
These Trails Of Broken Links Folk is Not a Four Letter Word
Grouper Vapor Trails A I A : Alien Observer
Gerhard Narholz UFO Invasion Creeping Cinquefoil
Radionics Radio Frequency Cluster Creeping Cinquefoil
Daniel John Williams Bells Meet Me on the Corner
Noisense One Must Follow a Path with a Heart A Path with a Heart
Alquimia Rings of Power Manifestation V