Phantom Circuit #222: Progress

By | July 24, 2018

Listen at the press of a button for music by Tom Ellard, Dave Sarkys, David Bowie, Sieben, You’re Alive but You Are Dead, †ḧΞ ШЇⱬ▲Яᶑ, The Young Gods, Jim & Tammy and their Friends, Suburban Lawns, Saloon, MacroNoise, Carl Matthews, Plinth, Time_Controlled_Organism and .mp3Neptune.

Phantom Circuit 222 548

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #222

First broadcast on Resonance Extra on 24th July 2018

Artist Track Source
Tom Ellard Prophet Barbara rUFO
Dave Sarkys Space Drift Troubles in the World Vol. 2
David Bowie The Man Who Sold the World The Man Who Sold the World
Sieben Sell Your Future Crumbs
You’re Alive but You Are Dead You Die The Future is Where It Ends
†ḧΞ ШЇⱬ▲Яᶑ ĐΞ▲ϯḥ ỗ╒ †ĦΣ Ϝ▲ϨϲІЅϯ ƒìͬͬͬṝȿ† ϵṕ
The Young Gods The Sound in your Eyes Second Nature
Jim & Tammy and their Friends God’s Not Dead Oops! There Comes a Smile
Suburban Lawns My Boyfriend Gidget Goes to Hell (7″)
Saloon Girls are the New Boys (This is) What We Call Progress
MacroNoise Venus Girl Emotive
Carl Matthews Alban Eilir (Light of the Earth) The Otherworld
Plinth Dawn Reflects in the East Music for Smalls Lighthouse + Flotsam
Time_Controlled_Organism Dawn Take Its Toll E.P.
.mp3Neptune Restoring Synapses///The Time You Said You Loved Me The Memory Machine

If you spell your project name with bizarre characters, don’t expect them all to render everywhere…