Mar 132018

Loops at a spool. Music by Quimper, Jane and Barton, Buckner Building, on_14, Paddy Kingsland, Joe Frawley, Oneiroid Psychosis, Severed Heads, Annette Peacock, jmdkm, Nick R 61 & Kendall Wa, Zacharias, Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett and Opus III.

Phantom Circuit  213 548x548

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #213

First broadcast on Resonance Extra on 13th March 2018

Artist Track Source
Quimper A Soft Day A Soft Day
Jane and Barton It’s a Fine Day Jane and Barton
Buckner Building The Day Drew Clear Beasts and Fowl Demo
on_14 Night Song Night Song
Paddy Kingsland Rhythm Bed The Effects Machine
Joe Frawley Odalisque Strange Weather
Oneiroid Psychosis Succubi Stillbirth
Severed Heads Brassiere, in Rome Since the Accident
Annette Peacock The Succubus The Perfect Release
jmdkm So Many Concubines and No Spare Set of Shoes Red Sea
Nick R 61 & Kendall Wa Bedhead King’s Cross
Zacharias Midnight Cowboy The Sensational Sound of Zacharias
Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett Daytripper Synthesizer and Percussion
Opus III It’s a Fine Day Return of the 90s
Quimper Happy Ending A Soft Day
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