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Phantom Circuit on Resonance Extra, 29th August 2017

We’ve reached show #200! Join Phantom Circuit at the usual time of 19:00 BST / 18:00 UTC on Resonance Extra for music by The Force Dimension, Infinity Night, You’re Alive but You Are Dead, David Shire, Denny Zeitlin, Mirrorring, Swell Sounds, Organoid, Gilroy Mere, Exoteric Continent and Earcom 2. You can listen to Resonance Extra… Read More »

Phantom Circuit #199: Iconic Trump Hat

Listen to this edition of Phantom Circuit at the press of a button for music by Cindy Kat, Kid Schurke & Brain Hall, Kraftwerk, Richiro Manabe, Power-Pack, Petridisch, Observation Point, Norah Lorway, Stellardrone, Church Universal and Triumphant, Inc. featuring Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Astoria Sound, Geolm and Wojciech Golczewski.