Phantom Circuit #196: Universal Product

By | June 28, 2017

With music by Napoleon XIV, Pepe Jaramillo, Gong, Lower Synth Department, White Noise and more.

Phantom Circuit #196

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #196

First broadcast on Resonance Extra on 27th June 2017

Artist Track Source
M is We You Can’t Get Back You Can’t Get Back/Asthma
Eno Driving Me Backwards June 1, 1974
Conrad Schnitzler 12 Stücke aus dem Jahr 1974 – 4 Gelb
Yellow6 Only Photographs No Memories, Only Photographs
Lower Synth Department So Nice Eternal Memories (7″)
Nick Tremo Higher Ground 3 Walls
Gong Master Builder You
Steroid Maximus Big Hedda Meets Little Napoleon Quilombo
Napoleon XIV They’re Coming to Take Me Away Ha-Haaa! Napoleon Complex
Pepe Jaramillo Fly Me to The Moon The Latin World of Pepe Jaramillo
Eyeball Inside The Moon [forthcoming EP]
Citizen 12B Moonscape Miami Synthwave Radio
White Noise Splashdown 3 White Noise III: Re-Entry
Anlieger Frei Nun ist es Vorüber…. Einwegplatte Kein Pfand Keine Rückgabe