Phantom Circuit #193: Northern Lights

By | May 17, 2017

With music by Charles Bernstein, Simon Heartfield, Stephanie Merchak, Ephemeris, Strange Lights and more.

Phantom Circuit #193

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #193

First broadcast on Resonance Extra on 16th May 2017

Artist Track Source
Ephemeris Invisible Landscape Birds for the People
Brian Eno Empty Landscape More Music for Films
Cyborg Project Emptiness State of Isolation
Zoviet France & Fossil Aerosol Mining Project By North (Tundar Influence) By North (Tundar Influence)
Strange Lights The Black Tortoise of the North This So-Called “Spirit”
Dafra19 New Turtle Lesson #1
Olde Warp Lowlands Fields
Simon Heartfield Spirals All That is Solid Melts into Air
Ullapul Lune (The Result was Chaos) M.O.M.M.A. Make Out Music Meltdown Album
[Unknown artist] Kuda Lumping Street Musicians of Yogyakarta
Streetmark Dreams Eileen
Charles Bernstein Terror in the Tub A Nightmare on Elm Street
Quimper Midnight Snack Midnight Snack
Axel Simone Nightscare Mind Impact
Stephanie Merchak Impacts, Reflections and Feedback [extract] Impacts, Reflections and Feedback