Phantom Circuit #181: Night is My Day

By | October 10, 2016

With music by Pheelia, Weerthof, Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd, Phirnis, Happiness Band (فرقة الهابنس) and more.

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Resonance Extra is concentrating on festival coverage throughout October, so you get to hear this edition on (or if you prefer, on first.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #181

Available from 10th October 2016

Artist Track Source
Deleyaman Somehow Fourth, Part One
Bleak Fiction Blush Some Desire
Eric Peters Electronic Links 4 Archive – Science Fiction
Ronald Marquisee Electro Link No. 35 Electrobeds Vol. 2
The Residents Handful of Desire The Commercial Album
Bobuck Headstand Headstand
Phirnis Stillstand 2 Sleepers
Frøkedal The Man Who Isn’t Here Hold On Dreamer
Weerthof Awaken Scape Out of Control
Los Microwaves Time to Get Up Life after Breakfast
P.E. De Oskars Sta Niet te ver Vooraan Geen Strijdbijlen maar Trommels
J.D. Robb Canon No.1 Percussive Sound Rhythmania: Electronic Music From Razor Blades to Moog
Laibach Warme Lederhaut Electronic Sound Covers Collection Volume.02
ekwalm Nothin’ Drive Nothin’ Drive
Transient Breezyeyes Nothing is Everything When Everything is Nothing
Jonas Reinhardt Wastrel Eyelid Powers of Audition
Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd She is My Strength After The Night Falls
Michal Prokop & Framus Five Noc Je Můj Den Město ER
Lastboss Field + Matress = Backflip City Chronicle – Audio Memories
The Terribles With a Little Help from My Friends Genial! Universal Sound
From Nursery to Misery The Enemy is Listening Equilibrium
Happiness Band (فرقة الهابنس) A’ajeebah Happiness Band (فرقة الهابنس)
Pheelia Happy Birthday 2
Young and in the Way We Are Nothing When Life Comes to Death
Shinkiro [Obiols / Laming / Perez] The Formula for Eternal Life Ceremonial Ride
Anda Volley The Life Inside You Paper Moon
Drosselbart Engel des Todes Drosselbart
A Murder of Angels Wandering Soul While You Sleep
Stabilo Azurite Sleep Deeply
DeepDark The Arrival Dark Asylum
nisei23 The Departure Elevenandtwelve