Phantom Circuit #166

By | October 18, 2015

Halloween edition featuring a session recorded for the show by Werdwolfen

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #166

Available from 18th October 2015

Artist Track Source
Philippe d’Aram Dans la Crypte The Films of Jean Rollin
Portion Control Sure Is Kinda Spooky I Staggered Mentally
Hanetration Friction Waldsterben EP
Werdwolfen Dead Cat Club Session for Phantom Circuit
Cat Meat I Preferred You When You Were Ill Eldritch City Dwellers
John Barry The Plague Pit The Last Valley
The Dry Path One Last Look at Your Face Before
You Disappear into the Ether Again
One on Twoism Volume 2
Phantom Head Trip Rise Sheath
Werdwolfen Bloke in a Mask Session for Phantom Circuit
Werdwolfen Face Fall Session for Phantom Circuit
Werdwolfen Instagram my Tarot Cards Session for Phantom Circuit
Werdwolfen Messing About with Boats Session for Phantom Circuit
John Carpenter Tommy Tells of Ghost Ships The Fog
Colin Potter Marsh Fog Journey to the End of Night
Wolfgang Bock Beyond the Fog Biscaya Sunset
Transient Spooky Outro Heart Fin Lake
Werdwolfen Mewling for Teeb Session for Phantom Circuit
Japan Halloween Quiet Life