Phantom Circuit #165

By | October 2, 2015

Seventh anniversary show, featuring a session recorded by Matt Howden’s Sieben.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #165

Available from 2nd October 2015

Artist Track Source
Tuxedomoon 7 Years Half-Mute / Scream With A View
Dome Ritual View Dome 2
Joe Frawley Mistress of Ceremonies Ritual Research
Henk Badings Kaïn En Abel – 2.3 – Conflict, Reprise (Arioso) Popular Electronics: Early Dutch Electronic Music from Philips Research Laboratories 1956 – 1963
Lunar Testing Lab Greys Nightmusik
Parties Earl Grey Tea Time
Dennis Hayward I’ve Got Sixpence / A Nice Cup of Tea Sequence Time
Illusion Of Safety Seven Years Later The False Mirror (7″)
Severed Heads Confidence! Come Visit the Big Bigot
Sieben Black Moon Rise Again Session for Phantom Circuit
Matt Howden introduces ‘The Old Magic’
Sieben The Old Magic Session for Phantom Circuit
John Keating Life on Mars Space Experience 2