Phantom Circuit #164

By | September 19, 2015


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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #164

Available from 19th September 2015

Artist Track Source
TanDog Play (Star City Pt3) The Cosmonaut Sessions
Flash Cero Ciudad Estelar 1988
F-Zer0 Per le Indecisioni di un Rettiliano Miope 1 Lo Studio del Rettile
Electro Assassin F-Zero Bioculture
Dissolved Biotrophic Emitter Macro Flinching
Balder- An Endangered Sea Dragon is Pregnant M-esque
Dolls Come to Life Outside The Groundskeeper’s Daughter
Capricorni Pneumatici L’Enfantement de la Mort Nibbas
Jannick Schou Untitled 6 When Life Mirrors Itself
Meaning of Life There’s an Empty A Crying Into Desolation
Dancing Deadlips Desolate, Abandoned Song of the Flight
Monroeville Music Center Remain Cave & Castle