“That was the last in the present series…”

By | December 10, 2014

[Update to this post: Phantom Circuit did indeed return, in April 2015. Listen now]

LastThe third run of Phantom Circuit started with show #31 back in April 2010 and has been running since without interruption, so it’s probably about time for a break. Show #152 will therefore be the last for now.

Thanks to Mixcloud for providing the platform, to everyone who sent in music (whether or not it was possible to include it), to our featured artists (most of whom were very kind to this small internet radio presence), to everyone who spread the word and last but certainly not least to everyone who took the time to listen.

Each show took a lot of time to put together but it always felt a privilege to be able to share a tiny proportion of the amazing music out there. It was gratifying too when some otherwise overlooked artists said they were encouraged by the inclusion of their music. Also, the third series helped inspire some listeners to make their own shows and mixes (thankfully most imaginative enough to devise personalised, original formats) so if your music didn’t make it into Phantom Circuit or as a listener you were confused by what was played, there were a few more alternatives available. PC itself could only aim to improve, little by little…

If enough time can be found, Phantom Circuit may well return at some point in 2015, although perhaps on a less frequent or sustained basis. If you would like to be among the first to hear any news, join the email list or keep a close watch on the social media options.

While you’re waiting for more, why not catch up on any past editions that you missed? Here are some highlights to draw you in…

One thought on ““That was the last in the present series…”

  1. gurdonark

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It had all the ingredients I love about the Phantom Circuit Cloudcast–an interesting mix of the experimental and more “classic” electronica sounds, a fresh feel to the material chosen, and clear sounding out of the artist and piece titles.

    I wish you a happy coming 2015, and a wonderful hiatus, however long it lasts. Phantom Circuit has been a great listen, and I hope its particular sheet music merely features a well-deserved rest before an andante resumption rather than a coda al fine’. But either way, Phantom Circuit has been a grand thing, and a very good listen. Best, Robert (gurdonark)

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