Phantom Circuit #152

By | December 10, 2014

The final edition of Series 3. We hope that Phantom Circuit will return in the new year.

Use the player above to listen. If it’s missing or you can’t hear anything, see the help section.

Playlist for Phantom Circuit #152

Available from 10th December 2014

Artist Track Source
[Uncredited sound recordist] Prion Tapes Intro 2 Radiointerferenzensampler
Tapes & Tubes Moon & Stars Moon & Stars
Konsumprodukt Travel To The Moon Some tracks from the Past (2001-2004)
Théâtre Commercial Voyage Enchanté Spectacle Commercial
Tangerine Dream Circulation of Events Atem
Bread Love And Dreams Brother John Amaryllis
The Sisters of Mercy Phantom Alice (12″)
Midwich Youth Club Settle Down Now, Allan Gamification
United Club Wear Can’t Get a Seat in the House of Commons Ill Capitano
LFO Squeaky What Is House EP
DR Untitled Drone Braunschweig EP
D.N.P Droned to Deaf Rotting Away
Yahuy-Che-Kabah Don’t Be Afraid of Yourself (Part C) Listening Like Zombies
Ecclesiastical Scaffolding Don’t Soften the Blow Ecclesiastical Scaffolding
Keith Papworth Hard Hitter Bite Hard: The Music de Wolfe Studio Sampler 1972-1980
Richard Yeoman-Clarke / BBC Radiophonic Workshop Orac Switch Off Sci-Fi Sound Effects – Science Fiction Sound Effects No.26