Oops… Testing completed

By | June 10, 2014

TestcardMixcloudYou may have seen a couple of “test” entries here. They shouldn’t have been on the front page but hopefully they did not cause any confusion.

These tests were created to demonstrate to Mixcloud’s support team a bug which leads to other Mixcloud content following playback of shows on this site. Mixcloud was quick to respond and the problem has been referred to the appropriate section. While we wait for a fix, if you see random mixes and shows popping up after you have listened to an edition of Phantom Circuit, you know why!

Update 11th June 2014: we are now told that this is a feature and not a bug. This sounds like bad news for Phantom Circuit and its listeners. Please see the next post, which explains why it may be a matter of great concern.

Update 1st July 2014: Mixcloud has confirmed that embedded players have reverted to the old behaviour: shows will not now be automatically followed by unrelated cloudcasts or mixes. Thanks, Mixcloud! So you can safely ignore this post…