May 122014

There is some sad news from The Star newspaper of Toronto which reports “Nash the Slash, Toronto rock violinist, dead at 66”.

Nash (also known by his real name of Jeff Plewman – but it always seemed more polite to use his nom de guerre) was Phantom Circuit’s first interviewee, back in 2008 in the freezing cold of Birmingham’s Barfly venue, where he also performed an energetic live set in his trademark bandages and white tuxedo.

Nash came across as an engaging but forceful character, still committed to his artistic vision after years as an independent musician, and expecting the same degree of enthusiasm and courtesy from others as he showed himself – whilst still enjoying himself underneath the bandages. Nash’s plans to return to the UK did not come to fruition and subsequently he announced that after 4 decades of musical work it was “time to roll up the bandages“.

RIP Nash the Slash. Let’s celebrate music’s eccentrics, innovators and outsiders whenever we get the chance. And let’s leave the closing words to Nash himself at

I’m very pleased to have shared my creative endeavors with so many people around the world. I hope I’ve left a few breadcrumbs in the forest, to inspire others to find their own path.



Above are a couple of shots of Nash’s performance in Birmingham in 2008 © Phantom Circuit

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