Mar 162014

The Threshold of Liberty.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #137

Available from 16th March 2014

Artist Track Source
WeR7 Let Freedom Reign Rock ‘n Roll Is The Most
Boreal Network One Night at Split Rock The Motion Range
Store 1 Rock Deferens
Eigenheimer Shopping Mall Eppie
Stephen Mallinder Cool Down Pow Wow Plus
Benge Toneform Loop Series One
Energy Loop vs Tsabeat 1943 13 Riders of Omen
GTO Pure (Energy) Tip Of The Iceberg
Gudrun Gut Tip Tip I Put A Record On
Spec Records By the Sea No Cowboys
Midwich Youth Club From the City to the Country pt 3 From the City to the Country, from the Country to the Sea
Jean C. Roché & Bill H. Gunn A large, very excited pack on the other side of a lake Les Loups en Liberté / Wailing Wolves
Steve Moore The Threshold of Liberty The Return of the Poet
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