Phantom Circuit #135

By | February 5, 2014

Syncopation and isolation.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #135

Available from 5th February 2014

Artist Track Source
Sieben From the Ashes Each Divine Spark
Saluki Regicide Rehearsal Of Ashes Mirage Emigrants
Linda Perhacs Freely Asthmatic Kitty Digital Sampler, Winter 2014
Shannon Stephens World In My Eyes Asthmatic Kitty Digital Sampler, Winter 2014
Ross De Luxe Syncopaters [sic] Florida Rhythm Jazz The World Forgot Vol. 1
Ollie Cram Magnome Least We Forget [sic]
WeR7 She’s My Baby Rock ‘n Roll Is The Most
Yimino Baby BC3’s Ascent The Tide Reveals Your Bones
Agnosept Blood-tide Draft for Demons
Daoun + C. Gonzalez Drafting Escala No Uniforme
The Darkening Scale Forget Nephritis The Songs Of Langtuhn Hemblu
Dark Frequencer Circle Of Solitude Wasted Landscapes
Pan:Core I am Sad End of Transmission