Phantom Circuit #127

By | September 14, 2013

Featuring a session recorded for the programme by Quimper.

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Playlist for Phantom Circuit #127

Available from 14th September 2013

Artist Track Source
Kenny Everett & Mike Vickers Captain Kremmen (Retribution) Captain Kremmen (7″)
Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan [aka ‘Electrosonics‘] The Ray Makers Song of the Second Moon [aka ‘Electronic Music‘]
Dream Command Venus Hunter Fire On The Moon
Richiro Manabe M. Space Hunter Sends Message to Star Godzilla vs Megalon
Quimper Burny Session for Phantom Circuit
Quimper Ceramic Saints Session for Phantom Circuit
Tracing Arcs My 2 Favourite Saints Fin
The Cure All Cats are Grey Faith
Quimper Feline Session for Phantom Circuit
Phirnis Islands Feeding Lions
Osiris Survival Survival
Squinancywort A Murder of Crows Birds
Quimper Two Magpies Session for Phantom Circuit
Quimper Sixth Session for Phantom Circuit